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Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas Cowboys: Everything is on the Line

The Philadelphia Eagles are set to take on the Dallas Cowboys this Sunday at 4:25 PM EST in Dallas, Texas. This is the game of the season for the Eagles. A win lands them tied atop the NFC East with the Dallas Cowboys. On the other hand, a loss all but guarantees the end of a playoff hope for the Eagles. With everything on the line, who is favored to win this game and this Division?

Coming into this game, the Philadelphia Eagles are 6-6, riding a two-game winning streak after getting demolished by the Saints 48-7. Although they’ve managed to win 2 games in a row, the Eagles have yet to get in a groove and really get into tip-top form. Furthermore, they still have a deeply injured and susceptible defensive secondary. The Eagles can best be summarized as being the most consistent sub-par team of the 2018 season.

On the other side of the field, the Cowboys sit atop the Division at 7-5 after capping off a four-game winning streak with an impressive 13-10 shutdown of Drew Brees and the Saints. This time of the season is all about getting hot and going on a roll and that’s exactly what the Dallas Cowboys are doing. They are on a four-game winning streak, with their team looking better and better each week. Just last week, their defense came into prime form against the Saints, keeping the #3 scoring offense to just 10 points and the MVP candidate, Drew Brees, to just 127 yards!

Overall, going into this game, the Dallas Cowboys have every single advantage possible. Other than their winning streak and prime defense, this game against the Eagles is in Texas. This season, the Cowboys are 5-1 at home while the Eagles are 2-3 in away games. Again, a clear advantage for a team heating up at the right time. Let’s also not forget how badly hurt the Eagles defensive secondary is, leaving them extremely susceptible in the passing game. Their whole starting defensive secondary and main rotational players, with the exception of Safety Malcolm Jenkins, are injured. Last but not least, the Cowboys have already figured out the Eagles this season, when they beat them 27-20 at Philadelphia back on November 11th.

To make matters worse for the Eagles, even if they win this game, they are still unlikely to win the Division. Currently, the Eagles are 6-6 and the Cowboys are 7-5 with this upcoming match-up left and then 3 more games for each team. If the Eagles win this game, they’ll improve to 7-6 and the Cowboys will demote to 7-6, making them tied atop the Division. In such instances of a tie, the Division goes to the team who has the better record in “head-to-head” match-ups. In this case, each team will have won one game against the other. Thus, the Division winner is then found by analyzing the record of each team for games played in the Division. Again, if the Eagles win at Dallas, their Division record will be 4-1 while the Cowboys record will become 3-2, thus giving the Eagles the Division.

However, there will still be 3 more games left in the season and that’s the real problem for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Remaining schedules for the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys

The Eagles will still have to play the 11-1 LA Rams, 9-3 Houston Texans, and rival 6-6 Washington Redskins. Two out of the three games are away for the Eagles, leaving them at another disadvantage. In all likelihood, the Eagles are going to lose at least two out of the three games, leaving them at an 8-8 record. Winning against the Redskins is also not guaranteed, as we’ve seen Division rivals ruin playoff hopes in the final game of the year on many occasions.

On the other hand, the Cowboys will have to play the 6-6 Indianapolis Colts, 5-7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and 4-8 New York Giants. The Cowboys can win all three of these games and are favored to do so after their performance against the Saints. Even if the Cowboys go 2-1, they’ll end up with a 9-7 record, enough to win the Division.

Ultimately, the Dallas Cowboys control their own destiny and have all the advantages in their favor. It sounds like what a team would hope for, but the Dallas Cowboys have a sour history in such situations. It’s in instances in which they are favored that the Dallas Cowboys fumble apart and analysts know this. 

None the less, this Division is favored for the Cowboys and if the Eagles want to at least try to make a stand, they must get out with a win this Sunday. It’s strictly Division winner or bust for the Eagles and in order to represent the NFC East in the playoffs, the Eagles pretty much have to win out. If the Eagles fail at step 1 this Sunday and lose to the Cowboys, the season is guaranteed to be over.


NFL: Saints vs Cowboys: Who Needs the Win More?

The 10-1 New Orleans Saints are set to face off against the 6-5 Dallas Cowboys in less than 4 hours in Dallas, Texas. To this point, there has been a lot of hype placed around this game. Jerry Jones, the owner of the Cowboys, stated that this game should be viewed as the Superbowl for the Cowboys, considering the team that they’re playing.

“Each play, we’ve got to think it’s the Super Bowl play. If every player on every play in this game says, ‘When we put that tape on Monday, it’s going to look like one of my best plays of the year,’ it’s really going to take that kind of focus to beat a team like this.”

Furthermore, there has been a lot of “trash talk” by the Cowboys with DeMarcus Lawrence starting it all. On Tuesday, Lawrence was asked if the Saints have the best offensive line and here’s his response:

“They’re going to have to match our intensity. S—, for 60 minutes straight. If you hit a m—–f—– in the mouth and then they ain’t doing what they’re regularly doing, putting up 50 points, they start to get a little distressed. Now you got them where you want them at, and then you f—ing choke their ass out.”

With so much hype and talk around this game, it’s without a doubt that both teams are more than inspired to play football tonight. The question remains, who needs the win more? Is it possible that the 10-1 Saints need this game more than the 6-5 Cowboys?

Well, let’s look at it from the Saints perspective. The New Orleans Saints are without a doubt, the best team in the NFL right now. They’re clearly the favorites to win it all, although there are other major contenders in the picture like the Chiefs, Rams, Patriots, and others. Taking this into consideration, this game is very important for the Saints playoff picture.

Right now, the Saints are 1st in the NFC because of their victory over the Rams. Although the Rams and Saints both have 10-1 records, that direct win over the Rams gives the Saints the #1 seed. With that in mind, the Saints want to make sure that they do everything they can to keep that home-field advantage for the playoffs.

Everyone knows how difficult it is for a team to come into the New Orleans Superdome and earn a victory. It gets that much more difficult when it’s in the playoffs and the crowd and intensity is just that much more amped. With that in mind, if the Saints lose to the Cowboys tonight, they will be demoted to the #2 seed with the Rams promoted to #1.

There’s still more football to be played and that could switch up again, but going forward, the schedule doesn’t favor the Saints either. After the Cowboys, the Saints still have to face the Steelers, Buccaneers, and Panthers twice. Other than the Bucs game, the 3 remaining games are all against worthy teams and the Saints can definitely end up on the wrong side of those games.

On the other hand, the Rams schedule is much easier. The Rams only have to face 1 team with a winning record, the 8-3 Bears. Other than that, they’re up against the Lions at 4-7, Eagles at 5-6, Cardinals at 2-9, and 49ers at 2-9. The Rams can definitely win out so even one loss for the Saints can be the difference between a home-field playoff game and an away game in the playoffs.

Furthermore, the Bears even have a shot at earning a Divisional-bye because their schedule is also easier than what the Saints have to go through. The Bears still have to face the 3-8 Giants, 10-1 Rams, 4-6-1 Packers, 2-9 49ers, and 6-4-1 Vikings. There are three difficult games in that schedule, but it is possible that the Rams end up with the 1st seed, Bears with the 2nd, and Saints with the 3rd. Thus, the Saints really have a lot to lose today if they don’t earn the victory.

On the other hand, the Dallas Cowboys are 6-5 and leading the NFC East at the moment. This NFC East Division has been anything but consistent. Every team, even the 3-8 Giants, still actually have a shot at winning this division. However, if we are to put aside the long shots, the Cowboys are definitely favored to win this division. The Giants have problems everywhere and are 3-8. An 8-8 team is not going to win this division and more importantly, the Giants are not going to win out and finish 8-8.

In terms of the Redskins, they were the favorites to win this division until Alex Smith was done for the season. They have already lost grasp of the division after losing to the Cowboys last week 31 to 23, and are quickly losing hope of making the playoffs. Their schedule does’t include a team with a winning record, but without their starting quarterback, it’s just a losing situation. Furthermore, they have two games left against the Eagles. If the Redskins and Eagles each win one of those games, they ultimately both help the Cowboys remain atop. Only one other team can rise to contend with the Cowboys so if these teams beat each other, it will be great news for the Cowboys. A team needs to go on a winning streak to contend with the Cowboys and without Smith, the Redskins are not that team.

This leaves us with the Eagles, the most sub-par team of the year. After winning the Superbowl last year and getting back their starting quarterback, they were favored to run away with this division, yet they sit at 5-6 right now. The Philadelphia Eagles are done. They still have to face the Rams and Texans which will put them at 5-8. Even if they win the rest of their games, which they won’t, they’ll finish at 8-8. That’s not going to be enough for this division.

The Cowboys are primed to win this division, being the most complete and healthy team who are getting on a streak at the right time. The Cowboys have won their last 3 games and have the 5-6 Eagles, 6-5 Colts, 4-7 Buccaneers, and 3-8 Giants left on their schedule after the Saints tonight. If the Cowboys win tonight, they put extreme pressure on the Redskins and Eagles to win out. Remember, the Eagles and Redskins still have two games against each other so one team needs to win both games. If they beat each other, the Cowboys will for sure remain atop.

Even if the Cowboys lose tonight, they’re still favored to win this division because they’ll hold their own destiny. They’ll have the Eagles come in to town the following week for a match-up with the division on the line. It’s just extremely difficult to think that the Eagles are going to do anything with a secondary that has been injured all year long and doesn’t seem to be repaired. The Cowboys should stomp on the Eagles in that game and finish the final hope that the Eagles have. Thus, the Cowboys will still have their destiny in hand even if they lose this game. They aren’t going to do any better than a 4th seed so losing tonight isn’t going to affect their playoff seed.

Hence, if we really think about it, this hyped Saints vs Cowboys game is really more important to the Saints. If the Cowboys lose, it’s okay, they still hold their own destiny in their hands. If the Cowboys win, it’ll be an extreme confidence boost and pretty much guarantee them the division although they will not do any better than the 4th seed.

On the other hand, the Saints have much higher aspirations than a 4th seed. If they were to win tonight, they continue to remain atop the conference and keep the race for the #1 seed alive with a difficult road ahead. However, if the Saints lose, they give up the #1 seed with 3 difficult game still ahead, paving the way for the Rams and possibly, the Bears to lead the conference. The Saints need to win this game tonight to remain Superbowl favorites and keep their path to the Superbowl as easy as possible.

NFL: The End of the Philadelphia Eagles

On February 4th, 2018, the Philadelphia Eagles beat Tom Brady and the New England Patriots to become Superbowl Champions!

Ever since that day, Eagles’ fans have been celebrating and with reason. Not only did the Eagles beat the Patriots to become Superbowl Champs, but they did so without their starting quarterback. Remember, Carson Wentz was injured last year, tearing both his ACL and LCL on December 10th against the LA Rams. Since that injury, the Eagles have been riding with Nick Foles as their quarterback.

After riding with Foles to a Superbowl victory, this 2018 season looked very promising to Eagles fans. For starters, if the Eagles were able to win the Superbowl with their backup quarterback, how would they fare when Wentz came back? Also, let’s not forget that the Eagles were able to keep their team together, not really losing any key pieces in the summer. Putting the two together, everything looked setup for the Eagles to be contenders again.

Well, 11 weeks into the 2018 season and it’s obvious that the Eagles will not be repeating as Superbowl Champions and in all likelihood, will not even be making the playoffs. Thus far, each week, we’d all believe that the Eagles were going to be turning the corner and putting it all together to go on a winning streak. Well, it’s Week 11 and the Eagles just received a beatdown at the hands of Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints, losing 48 to 7. This puts the Eagles at 4-6 with only 6 more games to play. The season is done for the Philadelphia Eagles.

For those who want to argue that the Saints are just that good and it’s not the fault of the Eagles, well let’s argue. Yes, the New Orleans Saints are argumentatively the best team in the NFL right now. After all, they have the highest scoring offense in the league, averaging over 37 points a game. But, the amazing level of the Saints’ play right now is not an excuse for the Eagles’ horrible play. If the Eagles are expected to contend for the Superbowl or even make the playoffs, they cannot lose 48 to 7 after 11 weeks into the season. It’s clear by their play that the Eagles are out of contention. It’s not official, but it’s quite clear.

Now, for those who argue that the Division is still up for grabs especially after today’s events, let’s argue. Yes, the NFC East always seems to be up for grabs in recent times. After all, the Eagles are only 2 games out of 1st place. Currently, the Eagles stand at 4-6, 3rd in the Division behind the 6-4 Redskins and 5-5 Cowboys. Furthermore, the Redskins did lose Alex Smith today, their starting quarterback, for the rest of the season. This all sounds positive for Eagles’ fans, but it’s false hope. The Eagles are just too injured to compete.

The reason that the Eagles are struggling so much, especially for their horrible showing today, is because they’re depleted defensively. The Eagles have been hit with the injury bug across all positions, but worst of all, in their secondary. After today’s injuries, the only Week 1 starter still playing in the Eagles secondary is safety Malcolm Jenkins. Everyone else in the defensive back rotation has been injured throughout the season with some confirmed to be missing the rest of the season.

In Week 3, starting safety Rodney McLeod was put on injured reserve after suffering a knee injury. Since then, starting cornerback Ronald Darby tore his ACL and is out for the season, starting cornerback Jalen Mills has had foot injuries and is week to week, backup cornerback Sidney Jones is day to day with a hamstring injury, and starting safety (backup for McLeod) Avonte Maddox sustained a knee injury that could keep him sidelined for a few weeks.

Right now, the Eagles are being forced to start cornerbacks that aren’t intended to see the field. This includes CB Cre’Von LeBlanc, a player the Eagles cut before the season started. They’ve had to resign him and include him in their defense because of all the injuries. That’s how bad it is and it’s quite evident on the field.

Just last week, in a crucial game against the Cowboys, the Eagles gave up 270 yards to Dak Prescott and another 171 on the ground. This week, the Eagles gave up 363 passing yards and four touchdowns to the Drew Brees. This is just in the air, not including rushing yards! In total, the Eagles gave up 546 yards while managing only 196 of their own against the Saints. These numbers only tell us that the Eagles are done.

The defense cannot stop the pass and because of that, the Eagles are susceptible to the run too. Since they can’t stop the pass, more attention is being given to pass defense, which in return opens up the running game for their opponents. It’s a total disaster for the Eagles defense right now and to make matters worse, Carson Wentz and the offense aren’t providing any aid. If the defense is struggling, the offense needs to step it up and maintain possession of the ball and score more than usual. Unfortunately, the opposite seems to be true as the Eagles are just barely managing to get any yards or score.

With 6 games to go, the Eagles schedule includes the Giants, Cowboys, Rams, Texans, and Redskins twice. They should definitely lose against the Texans and Rams, making them 4-8. At best, if they are able to win all the other games, they’ll end up with an 8-8 record. Remember, the Eagles will in all likelihood lose more than 2 of these games because of their struggles, but if they do go 4-2 in their last 6, they’ll still only be 8-8.

Even the Redskins without Alex Smith should be able to beat that record and remain atop the Division. If anyone other than the Redskins is going to win the Division, it should be the Cowboys. They’re in prime position to win this Division, knowing that the Eagles are defensively hampered, and the Redskins lost their starting quarterback. Regardless of who wins the Division, one thing is for sure, it will not be the Eagles. And that only means the Eagles will not be making the playoffs, much less, contending for the Superbowl. It was fun while it lasted, but this is the end of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Grading NFL Trade Deadline deals: Tate to Philadelphia, Thomas to Texans, Fowler to Rams and more!

What a solid final 2.5 hours of the NFL Trade Deadline. It always seems like the NFL season starts and the NFL deadline is here already, the deadline comes so quick it catches fans(probably just me) off guard a little. At such an odd time to, 12PM on a Tuesday in October usually only the die-hard fans are streaming this from their cubicle during the season. Anyways during these final hours of the trade deadline their were five pretty big trades that occurred!

1. Philadelphia Eagles acquire WR Golden Tate for a 3rd round draft pick; Grade: A 

NFL TRADE DEADLINE 2018This is a great deal for the Eagles as their offense/wide outs have not been great this year it adds a great dimension to the offense. Tate can play the slot receiver and the outside receiver position equally as well. Tate has 44 receptions 517 yards and 3 touchdowns on the season thus far. In his career he has totaled 581 receptions, 6,936 receiving yards and 37 touchdowns. The Eagles get him to add to already a versatile Nelson Agholor, deep threat Alshon Jeffrey and top performing tight end Zach Ertz only bolsters their offense. After a week 8 win over Jacksonville and now bye week 9, the Eagles will have two weeks to get Tate adjusted to the Philadelphia ways.

2. Houston Texans acquire Demaryius Thomas & 7th round pick from Broncos for a 4th and 7th round pick;Grade: B+

The only reason this gets a B+ is because Thomas has been near nothing over the last two years. Sure the situation in Denver has not been great but Emmanuel Sanders did not seem to struggle even when Chad Kelly, Trevor Siemian or whoever was called upon was throwing him the ball. Thomas has taken a dip in numbers since the Broncos Super Bowl. In 2016 Thomas had 90 receptions for 1,083 yards, in 2017 Thomas had 83 receptions for 949 yards. This season Thomas has 36 receptions for 302 yards, and 0 touchdowns. This is a huge addition to the Texans offense though due to Will Fuller going down for the year they needed to add a solid WR back to their line up. While Thomas may be no Fuller he fills the void quite well and his first game back will be vs Denver week nine. Thomas has 665 receptions, 9,055 receiving yards and 60 touchdowns.

3. Ty Montgomery to Baltimore Ravens for 7th round pick from Green Bay Packers; Grade B+ 

NFL TRADE DEALINE 2018The 3rd round 94th overall pick made a terrible decision that ultimately led to this trade probably, but the Ravens will not be complaining only giving up a 7th round pick to add a versatile running/pass catching running back. Montgomery disobeyed coach Mike McCarthy’s orders on Sunday night by running the ball out of the end zone in which he fumbled and gave the Packers no chance to win the game. The addition of Montgomery for Baltimore means they have more depth on the offensive side of things to add to Willie Snead, Michael Crabtree, Javorius Allen and Alex Collins. Montgomery will not be expected to do much in his week 9 matchup vs Pittsburgh and could draw as a third running back. But Montgomery when brought up to speed can be used as a wide receiver or running back. On the year Montgomery has 26 rushing attempts for 105 rushing yards, 1 touchdown, 15 receptions for 170 receiving yards and no touchdowns.

4. Dante Fowler to Los Angeles Rams for 3rd round pick(2019) & 5th round pick in 2020 from Jacksonville Jaguars; Grade B

This adds to an already stacked defensive line with Sam Darnold and Ndamukong Suh with the addition of Dante Fowler this defensive line is going to be a mess for offenses. In addition to an already solidified top five defense the Rams just got a lot deeper now. Fowler on the season has 2 sacks, 7 total tackles. 8 combined tackles. There is sure skepticism as to if Dante Fowler was living up to his first round third overall draft position, this is the main reason why the Jaguars cut the cord with the 24-year-old defensive end. But paired with Suh and Darnold, Fowler should have no problem finding a role on this defense. During his career he has 39 games played, 48 total tackles, 61 combined tackles, 14 sacks.

5. Ha Ha Clinton Dix to Washington Redskins for 2019 4th round pick from Green Bay Packers; Grade B

The former first rounder during the 2014 draft came in and immediately made an impact on the Packers defense, that year(2014) he played in 16 games, totaling 94 combined tackles, 66 total tackles, 1 sack and 1 interception. He earned Pro-Bowl selection and All-Pro honors in 2016. The reason behind this deal was because the Packers could not pay Clinton-Dix due to his current 3.153 million dollar cap hit, he is only going to be looking for more after he is a UFA in 2019. Clinton-Dix on the year has 27 tackles, 1 sack, a forced fumble and three interceptions this season already. Paired alongside D.J. Swearinger and Montae Nicholson the Redskins safety unit seems to locked down for the rest of the season.

Reaction to the 2018 Super Bowl

Nick Foles, a Super Bowl hero

Nick Foles and the Eagles captured their first Super Bowl in franchise history. Nick Foles played his heart out, leaving it all on the field throwing for 373 yards and 3 TD’s. He also threw an unlucky INT after Alshon Jefferey tipped it in the air.


The Eagles O’ kept pace with Tom Brady. Brady most of the game seemed unfazed to the Eagles pass rush, throwing all over the Eagles. The Eagles made up for it on offense countering Brady’s blows as well confusing Patricia and his defense.. Doug Pederson and his play calling was out of this world on Sunday. Mixing trick plays, plenty of RPO’s, and having plenty of trust in Nick Foles and his execution. Zach Ertz had a field day which helped the Eagles wrap up the Pats in LII.

It’s all about the critical turnover that turns a game upside down, and it ever so greatly happened to the New England Patriots. The strip sack initiated by Brandon Graham and then recovered by Derek Barnett put the nail in the coffin, sealing the W for Philly.

The Pats Defense was exposed the entire game. Tom Brady did all he could to support the Pats until the very end. The Eagles executed the game plan exceptionally well which prevented that stop the Pats D’ needed to finish the game.

Super Bowl LI - New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons

The Pats offense looked exactly the way it usually has been, unstoppable. If it wasn’t for Brandin Cooks being ruled out, the Pats could have spread the field better as the Eagles accounted for Cooks and his talent and speed. But with Cooks out, Amendola and Hogan had to be relied on more which in the end wasn’t enough.

What usually works for the Pats, fell apart completely.

Matt Patricia couldn’t solve the dynamic running between Jay Ajayi and LeGarrette Blount. Corey Clement made huge plays to also bolster that dynamic RB core. Nick Foles released the ball with ease and quickness over short passes, opening up the Pats D sensitive for the run. Usually the Pats make the correct adjustments after the first half. Teams don’t look the same going against the Pats D because they play so smart, behind great coaching as well from Matt Patricia.

Pats fans never had to worry about their offense as Tom Brady continued to be the GOAT throwing for 505 yards and 3 TD’s. It wasn’t enough to fly with the Eagles. Both Danny Amendola and Chris Hogan contributed as much as they could, both having 125+ receiving yards. Gronk also had over 100 receiving yards, making that 3 different receivers with over 100 yards.

There will be plenty to look forward too as the offseason sets it. Will we see the Eagles or the Pats back next year in the Super bowl? I can see the Eagles, most definitely. Plenty of key pieces are locked up through 2020 and they get Carson Wentz back.

It’s stupid to say the Pats won’t be the same, but new coordinators on both sides of the ball CAN be difficult depending on players relationships with the newly hired coaches. I can see the Pats being elite again next year like they always are. Brady will gain Edelman back with the corps of Cooks and Amendola, and the Pats will look to add pieces to the puzzle that will help Brady. If Gronk does actually retire, that will hurt Brady harshly as Gronk remains Brady’s best Red-zone receiver. If Gronk doesn’t retire, well you can make your best bet.

By benching Malcolm Butler the Pats were exposed throughout the game on defense. Not even Tom Brady throwing for what could be his best game of his career could have helped. Did Malcolm Butler deserve to be benched for his off the field decisions? Yes. But the whole Super Bowl?! Belicheck should know some players respond differently in game situations. Is it fair to say Butler deserved some kind of punishment? Absolutely.

Super Bowl XLIX - New England Patriots v Seattle Seahawks

But you don’t bench your best CB in the last game of the season the entire game. Butler could have been the Super bowl hero New England needed against Seattle a few years back.

Malcolm Butler could have did awful in the first half and you still had Eric Rowe. It just doesn’t make sense. I hope he finds a team in free agency that can use him the fullest of his talent even with the off the field issues.

It was a great feeling watching the Eagles win their first Super bowl. It was even greater seeing the Pats lose. For any Jet fans, some hope should come from this. Not only did the Pats lose again in the Super bowl, but they were EXPOSED. 41 damn points hung on that defense. Can you see the Pats putting up 33 against that Eagles D without Brady?

I don’t think so. But you are all entitled to your opinions.

Congrats Philly, you deserved it






Jack’s Super Bowl Prediction

Brady vs. Foles

The New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles meet in Minnesota to decide who will hold the title as the NFL’s best team….

New England is fueled by Tom Brady and his legendary performances. The Pats have found a way to win games no matter the score. From the Falcons in last years Super Bowl 28-3, to this year against Jacksonville in the 4th quarter.

As long as the Pats have Belicheck and Brady, you should never count out New England. The constant clutch performances by Tom Brady just makes it seem like the guy is unstoppable.

The Pats Defense plays well enough to fit Brady’s MO of typical comebacks. But the Pats Defense has molded around Dan Patricia and his smart play calling. At times the Pats D will look like a wet paper towel. But when they learn to stop the game plan of the O, they solidify giving Brady the edge he needs to win the game.

The Eagles will depend on the play of Nick Foles as he leads the heavily talented Eagles against the NFL’s best team/ defending Super Bowl champions.

The Eagles and the Pats matchup perfectly. Both Offenses are great, the Defenses are great.

Whoever’s Defense makes the most crucial stops, will end up winning the game. 3rd down plays, smart decision making, etc..

Either Tom Brady is picked off, or a play is broken up; the Eagles have to find a way to stop Brady from doing what he does best, keeping the Pats alive, and in front.

The Eagles will hang around with the Pats, weather it’s Nick Foles or the Defense; it’ll be close. Or the Eagles could see one of the worst performances from Nick Foles, considering his streak of success. It could be time we see Foles fall apart.

I personally think it’ll be a close game. The Pats have always kept it close in the Super Bowl, eventually winning it. I’d love to see the Vince Lombardi trophy in Philly, but I can’t see Brady letting this one slip considering how hard he has worked to get back to the Super Bowl. The Eagles are the best team to challenge them, and personally if the Eagles had Carson Wentz, I’d take the Eagles in this one. I just see Brady overcoming Foles and figuring out the Eagles in what should be another Super Bowl classic that Pats fans will once again enjoy. In the meanwhile….

I’ll be one step closer to seeing a new QB for the NYJ.

Pats 31 Eagles 28

NFL: Carson Wentz Small School Quarterback to Big-City Star…

A new feature being run here at Live In The Stands is player spotlights. Something requested to be done by one of our writers. And what better way to display greatness, and share the background of some of the best players in professional sports.

Carson Wentz, now it was quite evident that Wentz was more than ready to be a starter in the NFL right out the draft, just what we did not know was how great he was going to be getting thrown into a starting role right away. It is quite common for NFL teams to draft a QB and allow him to learn under a veteran but in Wentz’s case, it was the opposite. From the start of the 2016 preseason, Wentz was said to be the “guy” in Philadelphia. And that he is.

Wentz at North Dakota, small school QB with a big arm 

Now for Carson Wentz, a North Carolina native and former North Dakota State QB, Wentz excelled tremendously during his time as a Bison. During his draft year, Wentz was getting compared to Andrew Luck, following in the footsteps of Steve McNair and Tony Romo, Wentz had to prove to scouts that a small town QB could get the job done and be the best. It was not just Wentz ability to lead the offense, but at North Dakota, he ran a professional style offense, made cues at the line and took charge of that offense. He had the legs to run and the ability to throw the long ball. Above all, Wentz is one tough mother f*cker. After breaking his ribs and missing eight games, Wentz had to bounce back like never before his senior year. During that season Wentz won the CoSIDA Academic All American of the year, 2015 MVFC Honorable mention(2014 too), Senior Bowl Invitee, Two-Time captain and led the Bisons to back to back National title games.

2016 NFL Draft

NFLComing into the 2016 NFL Draft it was apparent Wentz was going to be a top ten, and or top five pick, but where he was going was unknown. At the time the Cleveland Browns had the second overall pick(where Wentz fell) but due to some change of heart, the Browns decided to trade that second overall pick to the Philadelphia Eagles.

(Details of the trade):

“The Eagles receive the No. 2 pick and a 2017 fourth-round pick from the Browns. The Browns get the eighth overall pick as well as a third-round pick (No. 77 overall) and a fourth-round pick (No. 100 overall) from the Eagles this year. Cleveland also receives Philadelphia’s first-round pick in 2017 and its second-round pick in 2018.”

Well with that being said at the time the Eagles wanted a quarterback to be the cornerstone of the franchise and someone that can carry this team to the next level and it was all on the weight of the Los Angeles Rams shoulders. The Rams were selected to go first and it was either Jared Goff or Carson Wentz.

“And with the first overall pick, the Los Angeles Rams have selected Jared Goff”

A sigh of relief is taken from Eagles fans as Carson Wentz falls into the Philadelphia Eagles hands and since coming here has excelled tremendously.

NFLDuring his first year, Wentz did not turn too many heads but he did pretty well for having absolutely no wideouts. In 2016 Wentz posted a 62.4 completion percentage, 3,782 yards, 236.4 yards per game, 16 touchdowns, 14 interceptions. Ranked 18th in passing yards, 25th in TD’s and 21st in yards/per game.

Fast forward to a year later and Wentz seems to be on a mission and has lead the Eagles to a 6-1 record, the best in the NFL. Aside from the Eagles, 6-1 record, Wentz is 4th in passing yards(1,852), 8th in yards per game(264.6), 1st in TD’s(17) and only has thrown four interceptions.

Right now, the Eagles are as happy as a bee in honey, they were able to grab that second overall pick from the Browns and get themselves a franchise quarterback, meanwhile, the Browns who have tried an infinite amount of QB’s in the last few years are dreading the trade. Wentz has only two years under his belt but with all the weapons, support and confidence this young QB posses, we can assure you Wentz will not be a one and done player, he is here for many more years. Expect Wentz to be a top five quarterback in the NFL for years to come.