Philadelphia Flyers 5-game win streak

Philadelphia Flyers Five Game Win Streak Comes From Good Goaltending Aka The Sky Is Blue

Who would have thought this could happen! The Flyers win five in a row! How? Well they got this little thing called goaltending over this five-game win streak. The Flyers have been notorious for their terrible goaltending, leading to lack of consistency, leading to disappointing seasons and under performances.

Well, the Flyers lord and savior Carter Hart comes in sets some franchise and NHL records and the Flyers start to win games. What a shocker good goaltending can do. The Flyers have allowed 10 goals during their five-game win streak. While scoring 20 goals in this span.

Carter Hart has played in four of these five wins for the Flyers. In these four games he has stopped 137 of 147 shots in four games. It is clear as day that all the Flyers needed was some goaltending, they received some consistent goaltending, offense has followed and look at that. They are playing like the Flyers everyone imagined. Also we must mention Anthony Stolarz’s 38 save shut-out vs the Rangers Tuesday night in the Flyers 1-0 win in which they only had 18 shots against.

We also have to note that the Flyers five-game win streak has come from goal scoring as well, 20 goals over five games is not too shabby, and a 4.00 goals per game average in that. In these five-games we have seen performances from James Van Riemsdyk (5) Nolan Patrick (3) and Wayne Simmonds (2), three players who have been quite for an extended period of time when the Flyers were struggling and they played a role in that. JVR, Patrick and Simmonds have combined for 10 of the Flyers 20 goals over the five-game win streak. Pair your top-six chipping, goaltending and you have a winning formula.