Jeff Carter 700 NHL Points

John Tavares and Jeff Carter Reach 700 Point Milestone This Weekend

Not many players can say they reached 700 points in their NHL career, let alone played enough games to reach this milestone. Still, these two Jeff Carter and John Tavares reached the 700-point marker in their NHL careers just a day apart.

Jeff Carter reached career point number 700 with an assist in Saturday’s game vs the Panthers. Carter has played in 969 NHL games, collecting 362 goals and 300 assists at the age of 34-years-old. Drafted 1st round 11th overall in 2003 by the Philadelphia Flyers, Carter spent six seasons with Philadelphia until he was shipped to Columbus in 2011 off-season. Where he played just 39 games for the Blue Jackets until he was sent to Los Angeles mid-way through the season to help the Kings win the Stanley Cup in 2011-12 and again in 2013-14. Carter has now been with L.A. for 7.5 seasons. And unless something changes he will earn his 1000th NHL game with the Kings and finish his time out in L.A. as he is signed until 2022. By 2022 he will be 37-years-old.

John Tavares also earned his 700th NHL point with a goal and an assist in Toronto’s loss to Ottawa Saturday night. Tavares notched also his 40th goal of the season the first time in his career he has tallied 40 in a season. Along with point number 79 in just 72 games this season. Tavares has played in 741 NHL games collecting 700 NHL points, a 0.94 point per game over his career. Tavares has 312 goals and 388 assists in his career. Drafted first overall in 2009 by the New York Islanders and recently leaving the Island this off-season to move back home. As much criticism as Tavares has faced this season he is en route to a hall-of-fame career. At 28-years of age with already 700 points and 741 games it is only likely to assume that Tavares will reach 1000 games and 1000 points in his career.

Carter Hart pulled again vs Montreal

Carter Hart Pulled In Second Consecutive Game… Flyers Fans Don’t Panic

It was another rough game for Carter Hart and the Philadelphia Flyers. The Flyers lost 5-1 to Montreal Thursday night and lost to 5-2 to Tampa Bay. Granted these are two good Atlantic division teams but still back to back games allowing five goals and Hart getting pulled is not good.

Carter Hart got pulled in Tampa Bay after allowing three goals on nine shots and Thursday night vs Montreal again allowing three goals on nine shots. Carter Hart has now lost two straight games and has been pulled within 10 minutes of the game in back to back starts.

Is there concern from Flyer fans? Probably they are notoriously known as the most knee-jerk reaction fans of them all. Either way the Flyers need to pump the brakes on Hart a little they have been over-using him thus far and it is starting to catch up to him. Yes, he is a very good goalie and has a bright future but they need to be smart with him now. He is young with a ton of potential there is no need he should be trying to make a playoff push for the Flyers. Realistically (and I know most Flyers fans aren’t) if Flyers do SQUEAK into the playoffs they are going to be bounced in the first round.

Since being called up in December 18th Hart has played in 22 games. Of the Flyers 30 games played since December 18th, Hart has started in 22 of them. That is way to heavy of a work load for a young, first-time goaltender. Now that Hart has been pulled in back to back games and has only lasted 10-minutes in both games, allowing some pretty soft goals needs to take a break, sit down, watch some game film, practice and continue to work on his weak areas instead of being thrown into the fire right now expecting to propel the Flyers into a playoff position.

If the Flyers continue to overuse Hart this could be detrimental to his mental toughness/mental health. Hart needs to take a break, watch Cam Talbot/Brian Elliott and slowly get back into the crease. The Flyers have Pittsburgh, Columbus and Buffalo to finish the month. If he starts one of those games I’d be surprised.

Radko Gudas hearing for slash on Kucherov

Please Suspend That Waste Of Space Radko Gudas For Yet Another Slash Incident

This guy Radko Gudas is really something else. Are we sure this guy thinks before he acts? Granted I would not say any of this to his face because I am pretty sure he is half gorilla and half human but Jesus guy what are you doing. Has Gudas not learned his lesson from his previous suspensions?

Gudas Recent Suspensions 

The slash on Mathieu Perreault last season, more of chopping down a large tree swing. Gudas almost decapitated Perreault last season with his slash. That resulted in a suspension.

His clear flying elbow to the face of Mika Zibanejad a few seasons ago when Zibanejad was with Ottawa. Gudas came off the face off and clearly went all for the head, making direct elbow to face contact. No penalty was called until the board reviewed it after the game and suspended him.

In 2016 PREASEASON when he blatantly made head contact with Bruins rookie forward Austin Czarnik as he was making a pass, Gudas came in and blindsided the forward with a clear head contact hit. And then continued to make gestures at the referee as if he did not know why he was being called for a penalty.

Gudas Slash on Kucherov Last Straw?

Now his most recent hearing and probable suspension comes again on a slash. Gudas has a long history with border line penalties, stepping over the line, hitting late and a history of suspensions as we can tell. This is nothing new. Gudas continues to be a complete mutant out there looking for anyway to agitate the other team. But there is a fine line between getting under a players skin and doing things that are just completely uncalled for and have no place in the game of hockey. Gudas reputation in the NHL is literally known as a cheap player by 60% of fans and the other 40% of fans probably find him to be a tough defenseman who likes to stir the pot and step over the line often. Either way both reputations are nothing to hang your head high about. This slash on Kucherov just comes with complete lack of care for other players or the use of his stick. Gudas will be held responsible for his actions and will be suspended.

The way I look at it since this is second slash incident within two-years he may face up to 10-game or more. Both slashes the one Perreault and the one Kucherov are very similar therefore it goes to show it seems like he knows what he is doing he just does not care and is trying to see what he can get away it.

Please suspend this guy so hopefully he realizes he does not belong in today’s NHL. I am all for a physical, hard, strong, on the line game but Gudas always goes over that line, throws cheap shots and very intentional with his hits and slashes. Get rid of the guy.


NHL Trade news

NHL Trades: Edmonton Oilers send Cam Talbot To Philadelphia, Oilers re-acquire Sam Gagner

Nothing major in the hockey world but as the trade deadline nears there two somewhat minor deals. Edmonton made two of these deals, one of them involved re-acquiring Sam Gagner and the other was receiving back up goalie Anthony Stolarz.

Flyers swap back up goalies

The Flyers sent Anthony Stolarz to Edmonton for goalie Cam Talbot. Stolarz was the Flyers 2nd round 45th overall pick in the 2012 draft. He played 19 games with the Flyers going 6-4-4 with a 2.86 GAA and .911 save percentage. The Flyers pick up veteran goaltender Cam Talbot who spent his first two seasons in New York and then was sent to Edmonton in 2015 where he has been since.

This move was more of a move for Carter Hart I think, they know that Hart is going to be their number one and they know Stolarz could possibly be a number one too. Therefore instead of causing any controversy, they add a goalie who is at the end of his prime time, can be a 25-30 game goalie therefore when Hart is 22-23-years-old he will be in a perfect situation to be a true #1 and Talbot can mentor and guide him for these next two years. The only issue with this now is that the Flyers are paying 10+ million dollars in goaltending. With still Brian Elliott and Michael Neuvirth on pay roll their 5.2 million is useless basically. Plus Talbot is a UFA in the off-season so the Flyers will need to decide what to do with Talbot come the end of this season. Overall I believe Edmonton wins this deal due to the young age and potential of Stolarz.

Spooner on the move again…

Ryan Spooner was sent to the Rangers at the middle of last trade deadline. Stayed with the Rangers for a bit then was sent to Edmonton earlier this season and now to Vancouver. He’s been bounced around to three teams within less than a year . Spooner played 25 games on Edmonton scoring  2 goals and 1 assist. This season he has 3 goals and 2 assists in 41 games. The Oilers do re-acquire their 2007 1st round selection in Sam Gagner. Gagner played 481 games with Edmonton scoring 101 goals collecting 194 assists. Gagner knows the Edmonton area very well and they know him therefore the transition should be easy for the veteran forward. As far as Vancouver they really risk nothing getting Ryan Spooner, he will be a third to fourth line guy that mixes well into their younger style of play.



Philadelphia Flyers 5-game win streak

Philadelphia Flyers Five Game Win Streak Comes From Good Goaltending Aka The Sky Is Blue

Who would have thought this could happen! The Flyers win five in a row! How? Well they got this little thing called goaltending over this five-game win streak. The Flyers have been notorious for their terrible goaltending, leading to lack of consistency, leading to disappointing seasons and under performances.

Well, the Flyers lord and savior Carter Hart comes in sets some franchise and NHL records and the Flyers start to win games. What a shocker good goaltending can do. The Flyers have allowed 10 goals during their five-game win streak. While scoring 20 goals in this span.

Carter Hart has played in four of these five wins for the Flyers. In these four games he has stopped 137 of 147 shots in four games. It is clear as day that all the Flyers needed was some goaltending, they received some consistent goaltending, offense has followed and look at that. They are playing like the Flyers everyone imagined. Also we must mention Anthony Stolarz’s 38 save shut-out vs the Rangers Tuesday night in the Flyers 1-0 win in which they only had 18 shots against.

We also have to note that the Flyers five-game win streak has come from goal scoring as well, 20 goals over five games is not too shabby, and a 4.00 goals per game average in that. In these five-games we have seen performances from James Van Riemsdyk (5) Nolan Patrick (3) and Wayne Simmonds (2), three players who have been quite for an extended period of time when the Flyers were struggling and they played a role in that. JVR, Patrick and Simmonds have combined for 10 of the Flyers 20 goals over the five-game win streak. Pair your top-six chipping, goaltending and you have a winning formula.

Cam Talbot trade rumors

What Teams Could Use Cam Talbot?

After the news of Mikko Koskinen signing a three-year extension with the Oilers, this probably means that Cam Talbot wants out in Edmonton. This is not definite but based off the age of Talbot, his history and what was said after the Koskinen signing all signs are pointing to Talbot being out in Edmonton.

After the Koskinen signing it was said that the Oilers spoke to Talbot about what they were looking to do with Koskinen therefore this likely means he is on the move. If this is true, this five teams could use Cam Talbot’s services.

1. Philadelphia Flyers: Sure signing a middle-aged goalie that has potentially three to five good years and is on the current decline has not worked out well for the Flyers in the past. BUT I think if the Flyers were to get rid of Brian Elliott, Michael Neuvirth and run with Cam Talbot and Carter Hart for a season they would be much better off than what has been their goalie situation in the past. Plus the Flyers can shed Wayne Simmonds, receive a bottom six forward and possibly Darnell Nurse.

2. Florida Panthers: Roberto Luongo is probably nearing the end of his career, he does not have much time left and the Panthers biggest issues lately have been goaltending concerns. Luongo has been on and off the IR and without a consistent number one it is hard to win in this league. Again the Panthers have a solid blue line where it would give Talbot more re-assurance then what he has dealt with in Edmonton. 

3. Chicago Blackhawks: the Blackhawks are using Colin Delia, who is not doing a bad job but I am sure once and if he ever Corey Crawford does come back healthy the Blackhawks would be a solid team with Talbot-Crawford tandem. Or even if Crawford does not come back Talbot can be a very solid fringe starter for the Blackhawks.

4. Arizona Coyotes: The Coyotes have not had a number one goalie in quite sometime. They keep filling these hot hand goalies who are on for a week then off for a week. They need some consistency and Talbot is a veteran, knows what to do and can get the job done. Plus with Arizona’s blue line Talbot will get the defense he deserves and would play better in Arizona in comparison to Edmonton (the last two years).

5. New York Rangers: For 2-3 years until Igor Shesterkin is ready to leave the KHL, Cam Talbot can be a solid number two to Henrik Lundqvist or until Lundqvist retires. Talbot has a history with the Rangers and knows them well therefore it would be a good fit for him. For the Rangers perhaps not so much due to Talbot’s 4.16 million cap hit. I am not saying this is the best option for the Rangers but it is an option for Talbot and his agent. 

Talbot led the NHL in 2016-2017 with 42 wins, and 73 starts, was 6th in the NHL in goals against(GAA) 2.39, 7th in save percentage with a .919. Yes this was 2016-17, two years ago but Talbot’s career numbers are 136-108-23 with a 2.57 GAA, .916 save percentage and 20 shutouts. In reality his decline only began last year, he has plenty of time to revive his career and any team can get four to five more solid seasons out of Talbot.