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And….. The Penguins are back

I was for sure hoping for a Vegas win Tuesday night, but the Penguins came out and buried five goals on a team that has allowed four-plus goals, only ten times this season. The Penguins are fully and 100 percent back and ready to take the first round of the playoffs by storm, then beat Washington in the second round, then make the Conference finals. And, I’m ready to die.

The Penguins have picked up their play over the last month, winning 11 of 15 games, and four of their last five, which has landed them in second place in the Metropolitan division. I’m fully ready to flip my laptop in the middle of the class(yeah I’m writing in class, whatever), my head is ready to explode thinking about the Penguins being back.

God, why did I, matter of fact, any of us think the Penguins were actually at some point not going to be this good at some point or another? (don’t even lie you thought the Pens were done). The fact we all may have legitimately thought the Penguins were going to be a wildcard or borderline wild card team all season, wow way to go, everyone, we are all more idiotic then we thought.

Even when starting three different goalies over the last month, the Penguins have managed to cause this uprising in the standings, push themselves four points away from the Capitals for first place and now the Capitals start to hold their breath, knowing their one kryptonite are back and breathing down their throats for the division lead.

It all starts with the big three, not the big-three you’re thinking, none of that phony, boring basketball stuff, I’m talking the BIG-THREE. Malkin, Crosby, Kessel. Malkin has won the player of the month(January), tallying 12 goals, and 7 assists. Won player of the week, last week tallying 6 goals and 2 assists in three games. Phil Kessel is now one point behind Kucherov for the league lead in points(65) and over the last month has 6 goals 12 assists, over the last week has 3 goals and 3 assists and now has a six-game point streak. Crosby has 2 goals 15 assists over the last month and four assists over the last week, also coming off a 7-game point streak.

Pittsburgh Penguins
Phil Kessel and Evgeni Malkin led fun bus and Penguins to second place in Metro division.

This is unreal, I hate myself for actually thinking the Penguins could actually not make the playoffs, sure Matt Murray with two wins, a 4.00 goals against (GAA) and 50 saves of 58 shots against over the last week and a 3.33 GAA, three wins and 90 saves on 100 shots over the last month, sure why not let’s win 11 of our last 15 games. Rank ninth for most goals allowed per game(3.00) and sixth in the league for most goals against(165) this season, yeah no big deal Malkin, Crosby, Kessel will just score a million goals and bring this team back to a near top ten team in the NHL.

God, the Penguins are back and I never want to watch hockey again. See you tomorrow, or later. I am distraught.