Radko Gudas hearing for slash on Kucherov

Please Suspend That Waste Of Space Radko Gudas For Yet Another Slash Incident

This guy Radko Gudas is really something else. Are we sure this guy thinks before he acts? Granted I would not say any of this to his face because I am pretty sure he is half gorilla and half human but Jesus guy what are you doing. Has Gudas not learned his lesson from his previous suspensions?

Gudas Recent Suspensions 

The slash on Mathieu Perreault last season, more of chopping down a large tree swing. Gudas almost decapitated Perreault last season with his slash. That resulted in a suspension.

His clear flying elbow to the face of Mika Zibanejad a few seasons ago when Zibanejad was with Ottawa. Gudas came off the face off and clearly went all for the head, making direct elbow to face contact. No penalty was called until the board reviewed it after the game and suspended him.

In 2016 PREASEASON when he blatantly made head contact with Bruins rookie forward Austin Czarnik as he was making a pass, Gudas came in and blindsided the forward with a clear head contact hit. And then continued to make gestures at the referee as if he did not know why he was being called for a penalty.

Gudas Slash on Kucherov Last Straw?

Now his most recent hearing and probable suspension comes again on a slash. Gudas has a long history with border line penalties, stepping over the line, hitting late and a history of suspensions as we can tell. This is nothing new. Gudas continues to be a complete mutant out there looking for anyway to agitate the other team. But there is a fine line between getting under a players skin and doing things that are just completely uncalled for and have no place in the game of hockey. Gudas reputation in the NHL is literally known as a cheap player by 60% of fans and the other 40% of fans probably find him to be a tough defenseman who likes to stir the pot and step over the line often. Either way both reputations are nothing to hang your head high about. This slash on Kucherov just comes with complete lack of care for other players or the use of his stick. Gudas will be held responsible for his actions and will be suspended.

The way I look at it since this is second slash incident within two-years he may face up to 10-game or more. Both slashes the one Perreault and the one Kucherov are very similar therefore it goes to show it seems like he knows what he is doing he just does not care and is trying to see what he can get away it.

Please suspend this guy so hopefully he realizes he does not belong in today’s NHL. I am all for a physical, hard, strong, on the line game but Gudas always goes over that line, throws cheap shots and very intentional with his hits and slashes. Get rid of the guy.