Los Angeles Rams vs New Orleans Saints week 9

NFL WEEK 9 Takeaways; Saints hands Rams first loss, Brady edges Packers, Chargers and Panthers stay hot

What an exciting week nine for the NFL, we saw some of the best action we have seen all season in this week.


PIT VS BAL: Pittsburgh won 23-16 to edge the Ravens and stay atop the AFC North

NYJ VS MIAMI: Miami wins 13-6 as Jets continue to struggle.

ATL VS WASH: Falcons win 38-14 in Washington as they cut the Redskins streak and move an inch  closer to the wild card.

CHI vs BUF: Chicago absolutely destroys Nathan Peterman and the Bills 41-9. Bears move to 5-3-0 tied for the NFC North lead.

KC VS CLE: Kansas City and Patrick Mahomes continue hot streak with 37-21 win over Cleveland, improve to 8-1 on the year.

DET VS MIN: Minnesota wins big on home field as they now move an inch closer to returning back to the playoffs. Vikings win 24-9 in Minnesota.

HOU VS DEN: Houston wins close one as they beat Demaryius Thomas old team 19-17 in Denver. Texans move to 6-3-0 and lock up AFC South.

Rams vs Saints Takeaways;

Did anyone not think this game was going to be a shootout? The Saints did what many thought was not going to happen but Drew Brees and the mega dome magic comes alive as the Saints win 45-35 over L.A. The Saints Drew Brees had himself a night, going 25/36 with 346 yards and 4 touchdowns along with Michael Thomas’s 12 receptions for 211 yards and one touchdown. We all knew this game there was going to be no defense to be played, the Saints offense is one of if not the best in the league and they knew the only way they were coming out on top was doing exactly what they did.

What does this win mean though for the Saints, well they know they are one of the best teams in the NFL and there should be nothing holding them back from getting to their end goal. The Super Bowl. Last season the Saints failed to win vs the Vikings in the second round on a freak play but after taking down the Rams and Vikings back to back weeks the only force left standing in the Saints way is the Eagles week 11. The Eagles won the NFC last season by beating Minnesota, which many believe if it were the Saints the Eagles would not have won the NFC.

This game is what I believe to be a preview of the NFC Championship game and winner will go onto and play for the Super Bowl. The Rams and Saints are not moving from where they are right now. Which means they get a bye, while the wild card weekend plays out whoever wins those two games goes onto play the Rams and Saints. Both the Rams and Saints win and play each other for an all or nothing game. Realistically speaking that is probably going to happen as it seems right now, but who knows…

Packers vs Patriots Takeaways;

New England Patriots week 9 recap
Tom Brady throws for one passing touchdown, 294 yards in Patriots 4th quarter win over Packers during week nine.

This was all tied up going into the 4th quarter, but the Patriots defense held the Packers offense to 0 points in the fourth and eventual 31-17 win for the Patriots. This games story line was all about Rodgers vs Brady (GOAT vs GOAT) winner is the best QB, whatever nonsense the NFL wanted to spin for this game.

The big picture is the Packers lose and now are 3-4-1, third in the NFC north and 1.5 games behind for the second wild card spot. The Packers now have Miami, Seattle, Minnesota, Arizona, Atlanta, Bears, Jets, Lions in their final eight weeks. They beat Chicago week one, tied Minnesota week two, lost to Detroit week five, so of the eight remaining they have played three of the teams. This worries me a little for Green Bay, although even if they do get in they are not going to do much anyways.

Anyways, Tom Brady went 22/35 with 294 yards and one touchdown vs Aaron Rodgers 24/43 259 yards and two touchdowns. The Patriots are now 7-2-0 essentially waiting for who is going to face them in the AFC championship game. This game to me was not a Rodgers vs Brady game it was a “can the Packers knock off a top team and get going in the right direction” game. Clearly not. But now the Patriots sit comfortably atop the AFC East with Tennessee, bye week 11, Jets, Vikings, Dolphins, Steelers, Bills, Jets. Basically the Patriots remaining seven games could honestly be 7 wins or a possible 5 wins and two losses. Making the Patriots finish 12-4 or 14-2, either way the Patriots will be in the AFC Championship. What a surprise!

Chargers and Panthers stay hot! 

Sheesh the Panthers are on a roll with that 42-28 win over Tampa Bay and scoring 21 points in the second quarter the Panthers are now 6-2 second in the NFC South. Cam Newton had himself a quiet day though with 247 passing yards, 2 passing touchdowns and 33 rushing yards. The Panthers offense came from Christian McCaffrey’s 17 rush attempts, 79 yards and two rushing touchdowns. Panthers have a big test vs Pittsburgh next week and finish off the season with two tough games with New Orleans and Atlanta. What can be the end goal for Carolina? It is looking like the first wild card spot but either way with the Saints in front of them the only chance for Carolina to get in is the wild card.

Seattle Seahawks vs LA Chargers week 9
David Moore drops the game winning touchdown pass as Chargers hold on for 25-17 win over Seattle.

Chargers win a freaky game vs Seattle. If it was not for a drop ball in the end zone from David Moore the Chargers would have lost. But they won and now improve to 6-2-0 on the year with a 1.5 game lead on Cincinnati for the first wild card spot. The Chargers are behind Kansas City by 1.5 games right now and the Chiefs remaining schedule looks like, Arizona, Rams, bye, Raiders, Ravens, Chargers, Seahawks, Raiders, which means come week 15 it can be a do or die game for the Chargers and Chiefs for the AFC West lead. The Chargers have Raiders, Broncos, Arizona, Steelers, Bengals, Chiefs, Ravens, Broncos. The Chargers have a much harder schedule with the Steelers, Bengals, Chiefs and Ravens all come in a row. It will be interesting to see how the Chargers finish up the year.

NFL WEEK 9 Steelers vs Ravens


Detroit Lions +5.5 Money line +195 Over/under 49


Minnesota Vikings -5.5, -240 money line

Best choice here? Possibly the over, the Vikings are capable of solid 30 points especially at home the Vikings clearly have the advantage here. The spread does worry me a little because as the Lions are coming off a bad loss last week and the Vikings are not looking too hot this year themselves. The Lions are 3-4 on the year as the Vikings are 4-3-1 tied for first with the Packers breathing down their throat. The Lions need to pick up a win this week the season is young still but if they don’t win the division, their next chance is the wild card. The Lions have an interesting offense and a pretty solid defense but with two teams that rely a lot on their offenses to do the heavy lifting, this could be an over style game. I am leaning towards the Vikings just because they are the better all around team, at home, coming off a loss to New Orleans last week. Vikings for the win, probably not the over here although don’t count me on that but I’d feel safer with the Vikings to win by seven.

Pittsburgh Steelers +2, Money line +110, over/under 47


Baltimore Ravens -2, Money line -130

We all know how these games shape up to be. A blood bath. The Ravens and Steelers have many years of animosity between them it is fair to say they do not like each other. The Steelers have found a rhythm now after starting out slow, James Conner looks to be filling the void of an absent LeVeon Bell, Antonio Brown is well, AB. Their two tight ends are lethal and of course Juju Smith Schuster is a solid wide out. The Steelers offense has been a focal point to this teams success this year as usually their defense is a big part in their teams success thus far their defense has not been all that great allowing 24.6 points per game. The Ravens on other hand have been a middle of the pack football team this year ranking 5th in total yards(2350), 6th in passing yards(1565), 13th in rushing yards(785) yet last in points per game(17.1). The Ravens have won some big games and lost some big games as well. But throw out all records and past weeks when these to come to play because between the implications on the standings right now and the history of these two. Baltimore and Pittsburgh always ranks up to be a game to watch. In terms of betting, I like the Steelers +2, I first off believe the Steelers will win, in Baltimore I understand but the Steelers are riding high and confident. Going Steelers +2.

New York Jets +2.5, Money line +125, over/under 43.5


Miami Dolphins -2.5, Money line -145

NFL WEEK 9; Jets vs Dolphins
Can Sam Darnold and the Jets come into Miami and upset the Dolphins?

Another divisional game and a game where all records mean nothing. The Jets always come to play against their divisional opponents it just when they get out of the conference and out of the division that leaves them as a question mark. team With their two top receivers back Quincy Enunwa and Robbie Anderson the Jets offense has some light to it, against one of the worst rush defense as well Isiah Crowell should find the room. The Dolphins on the other hand are a weird team, inconsistent and just confused right now as they have beat the Raiders, Jets, Titans and Bears and lost to Cincinnati, New England, Detroit and Houston by one they are just either a hit or miss. They can score points or not but their defense is the big concern here they allow 3264 yards ranking 29th in the NFL. They have major defensive issues which has resulted in scores like 43-42 and 32-31 this year. They already took down the Jets this year and look do it again. In my opinion the Jets come in Miami and beat them. They do what the Dolphins did to them week two and win on their home turf. Jets +2.5 and definitely the under.

Atlanta Falcons +1, Money line +100, over/under 48


Washington Redskins -1, -120

The money line is like a push so definitely do not even bother with this games money line. The over is questionable because the Redskins really do not score a lot of points but if they want to win this game they will have to find a way to do so with the Falcons averaging 30.3 points per game compared to the Redskins 19.1 points per game. The Falcons have allowed 2936 total yards (2147 passing and 789 rushing). The Falcons poor defense is made up by one of the most points per game teams in the league. The Redskins at home though, coming off a big win over the Giants and on a three-game win streak they are sitting atop the NFC East and showing no signs of slowing down. I really like the Redskins -1 here, if they do win, which they will it will be by more than one point I believe.

Houston Texans -1, Money line -120, over/under 46 


Denver Broncos +1, Money line +100 

Houston Texans v Denver Broncos WEEK 9Sure the Broncos are a middle of the pack team with a pretty good defense but the Texans are rolling right now and this would not be the time to bet against them. Yes, they are away and not in Houston but this is a give me game in my eyes. The Texans will win this game by 7 points, Deshaun Watson will have a day, Demaryius Thomas will finally catch a touchdown pass and the Texans will be in full on playoff mode. We knew the Texans were capable of this play to start the year, they came out slow but are getting it together with a 100% healthy Watson, DeAndre Hopkins and 5th ranked rushing game the Texans are going to win and only need to cover a 1 point spread. THANK YOU VERY MUCH (As Ryan Whitney would say). The Broncos average 23.5 points to Houston’s 24.6, Broncos average 380.8 yards a game to Houston’s 379.8 yards a game. Statistically speaking these teams are very close on both sides of the ball, but I am going with the hot hand in Houston this week.

Los Angeles Chargers -1, Money line -120, over/under 47.5 


Seattle Seahawks +1, +100 

Again another solid pick here this week the Chargers are another team on a roll right now and if they want to get into the playoffs they cannot take a week off. There is a slim chance they win the division with the Chiefs 7-1 right now playing Cleveland this week therefore that first wild card spot is there and it comes from winning games like this. They have an equally as good defense as they do offense, their offense ranks in the middle of the pack for total yards, passing yards and rushing yards, they out weight the Seahawks in points per game with their 27.9 vs Seattle’s 24.4. The Seahawks had a big win last week vs Detroit and it gave them some life but I think the Chargers continue to roll and take this game with ease, covering the 1 point spread but I don’t see the over hitting also the money lines are a push don’t bother.


Bears -10.5 vs Bills +10.5 with an over/under of 37.5, uhhhhhh. I think the Bears win but the spread and over/under is terrifying.

Rams -1.5 vs Saints +1.5 over/under 58.5. Uhhhhhh, the Rams are favorited to win they are the best team in football right now but Drew Brees and the Saints offense in the mega dome. Scares me a lot I am staying away from this game but the over/under seems like it is doable. Don’t quote me on that though!

Packers +5.5 vs Patriots -5.5 over/under 57. Uhhhhhh, the Patriots are well the Patriots and the Packers do not seem to be that lethal this season but we can never under estimate Aaron Rodgers and that offense as they almost beat the Rams last week. Spread worries for me New England, over/under is high. I am staying away from this game but the over/under seems like it is doable. Don’t quote me on that though!