The Cavs are back

The Cleveland Cavaliers made a blockbuster series of trades that now has them in the driver seat in front of the Eastern Conference. The Cavs traded away Derrick Rose, Dwayne Wade, Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Channing Frye, and Iman Shumpert. They basically dumped a good portion of their team. They acquired in the process young and upcoming NBA stars such as Jordan Clarkson, Larry Nance Jr. Along with established players Rodney Hood and George Hill.


LeBron James was the main reason for this rebuild, and I don’t want to hear what anyone else thinks.

The Cavs have a new GM in Koby Altman who basically submitted to LeBron’s terms and asked him about his thoughts in a 1 on 1 sit down about the current team and how they could be better through trading.

LeBron was the focal point in a last minute rebuild that has the entire league upside down. This way LeBron is provided with that depth of solid production that can boost his talents in order to take the Cavs back to the NBA Finals. It’s no secret that Dan Gilbert and LeBron have a rocky relationship, but is it that rocky to the point where LeBron won’t consider coming back?

LeBron came back to Cleveland because he had felt that he owed the city a championship. LeBron felt that Northeast Ohio and the kids that grow up their should have a personal role model; an inspiration from the city of Akron. He came back because he is providing for the city that provided for him. Akron, Ohio. That’s why I deep down believe LeBron isn’t going to leave. Especially now after the trades.


There’s even an article, when LeBron originally came back to Cleveland; his underlining reason as to why he’s coming back:  Credit to Sports Illustrated in 2014- LeBron: I’m coming back to Cleveland

After winning a ring with Cleveland, does LeBron feel a little less inclined to help he city of Cleveland from a business perspective? He shouldn’t. The beauty of being the best player in the NBA comes with all the money that can be provided. But it sounds like it isn’t about the $ with LeBron.

Could LeBron make the leap to the young and upcoming Lakers? He might, considering California is big for wine. LeBron does love his wine. He’s always on instagram promoting his affection for it. But Isaiah Thomas may drive LeBron off because of his horrible defense. That’s another discussion that I don’t want to get into.

LeBron ultimately controls the Cavs at the end of the day. If the Cavs couldn’t trade LeBron, then they traded in order to keep LeBron. With this new roster, and the prospects of the draft; LeBron will stay, asking for money that even Dan Gilbert would have to give LeBron himself, along with the Cavs bankroll.

Where do the Cavs matchup against the NBA’s Top 5?

This trade was greatly executed by GM Koby Altman off of LeBron’s suggestions. I think this puts the Cavs at the #3 spot. I don’t think they can beat the Warriors. They can make  push against the Rockets, but Houston has too many weapons that can rattle off. The Cavs definitely overtake the Celtics unfortunately. Without Gordon Hayward, the Celts are missing that one big that can grab boards and score buckets. That’s why they got blown out by the new look Cavs, because of that missing piece.

The Celtics could even push off the Cavs if the Cavs go into a slump again. The Celts are an extremely close 2 to the Cavs being #1.

Of course, it won’t matter if the Rockets are better than the Cavs because the Cavs are in the East. The only competition the Cavs need to worry about for that NBA finals bid, is the Celtics.

The Toronto Raptors, however, as of February 14th, 2018 control the 1st place spot in the Eastern Conference. You bet I have them at #4, not being better than the Celts. The problem with the Raptors is that they are average on the road, and amazing at home. That will guarantee a first-round exit in the playoffs. They’re 16-12 on the road. Which is fine, if you want to lose. The Celts are 21-10 at home. They are just as good on the road, going 19-8. I don’t talk about the Raptors cause it’s not worth talking about honestly. Yes, the Raptors will win a home playoff game, but 2? Not sure.

The 5th best team per my opinion is the Timberwolves. The Timberwolves and the Spurs matchup very similar. But if the T-wolves played the Spurs, I think the T-wolves would be too much for an aging Spurs team that lacks that spark plug on offense.

I am very excited to see what will happen with this new Cavs team. The playoffs will definitely be worth watching this year considering all the talent in the NBA today. I personally think the Warriors will win it again, the talent within is just too ridiculous to lose. I’ll be hoping to see the Celts in the finals. LeBron James should never be counted out, (maybe with the old Cavs team). But with a new Cavs team, the matchup will be extremely cool to watch. (Yes, Cavs/Celtics Eastern Conference Finals).






Kirk Cousins on the Move

Captain Kirk


Kirk Cousins and his contract has been the constant talk of the Redskins offseason plans after an unsuccessful 7-9 season.

Cousins has always been valued and as a starting QB, and how joining a team with heavy weapons can progress him into that Elite Top 10 status.

The Broncos, Jets, and the Browns are the teams I feel are the most interested in Cousins as free agency looms.

Broncos Scenario

If Cousins does go to Denver, he will have Emmanuel Sanders and Demariyus Thomas for weapons on the outside. He’ll also have C.J Anderson available in order to establish the run.


Demariyus Thomas is a toss up for the Broncos as his contract is pending per John Elway and Thomas’s agent. But if the Broncos can retain him, make more singings in accordance to their needs; Kirk Cousins can progress on the Broncos and maybe even give them a new identity since Peyton Manning made them relevant.

The Broncos D is anchored down by Von Miller who is surrounded with talent on D with Chris Harris Jr, along with Shane Rey who was hurt this season.

Jets Scenario

The Jets have $75 Million in cap so it makes perfect sense why Cousins could be targeted by the Jets. The Jets have been looking for a franchise QB since the Sanchez/Rex Ryan era. The Jets have the opportunity to sign Cousins, but should they?

Cousins is 29. He’s thrown for 99 TD’s and 55 INT’s for 16,000+ yards in his career. He’s taken the Redskins to the playoffs once in his 6 year career. He’s only started 3 years out of the 6, but that experiance is key in a short amount of time. Plus his time as the backup to RGIII.

NFL: New England Patriots at New York Jets

If Kirk Cousins signs with the Jets, he’ll have a healthy Quincy Enunwa, (Maybe) Robby Anderson, Jermaine Kearse, ArDarious Stewart, and Chad Hansen. The WR options are very underrated, but the Jets must add another solid piece to the puzzle, maybe on the running game. Bilal Powell is excellent, but a 1-2 is perfect to go with Powell’s speed. The Jets have a young and upcoming Defense. They also have a coach Cousins likes in Jeremy Bates the new OC for the Jets.

Matt Forte’s future with the Jets is also a mystery.

Browns Scenario

The Cleveland Browns have the most cap room in the NFL as the 2018 NFL Free Agency looms. Even so, I personally don’t think he’ll go to the Browns where QB’s careers go to die.


The Browns do however have some interesting options at WR, enough for an established vet like Cousins to transform into viable targets. Targets such as Josh Gordon, Corey Coleman, and Duke Johnson are good enough to progress along and build around.

The Browns need help on Defense as no doubt one of those top 10 picks will have to be a defensive player. A Veteran QB signee though, would help the Browns as far as growing their young team.

It’s either Allen, Darnold, or Cousins in Cleveland next year, count it.

Sports News: NFL, NHL, MLB Spitballs for the week! AL/NL Wild Card, Yankees vs Tigers Brawl, NFL injuries, Will Bucther decision


Let’s kick off this Sunday the right way! After a long night of watching Floyd Mayweather TKO Conor McGregor, sit back, relax and enjoy the Spit Balls of the week!

Wait, but first, who actually thought McGregor was going to win? I’m glad those people can be quiet now, it’s nearly impossible for someone to come into another man’s sport where he was arguably the greatest and just beat him because “he’s an MMA fighter, and really confident and wants to win.” Least we got our money’s worth though the fight did go 10 rounds, more than most expected, and it was a fairly even fight. Glad to see Floyd “Money” Mayweather officially finish now with a 50-0 record.


Screenshot 2017-08-27 at 7.59.24 AM

MLB News:

The big story being talked about is the Detroit Tigers vs New York Yankees brawl, I literally got an alert about this “brawl” every day for the last four days now. What is the big deal it was barely a brawl, Miguel Cabrera and Austin Romine got in each other face, shoved one another, both teams came out and that was it. Out of four punches thrown maybe ½ of one landed. Also, I’ve been hearing a lot about Gary Sanchez cheap shot, I do agree that was unnecessary and uncalled for, but he did not even connect and stopped right after, he was acting in the heat of the moment and the MLB suspended for a game, so be it, it’s over with. But for people like Pedro Martinez to say this could stay with him forever and make him look bad, please. Pedro do you not remember throwing a 72-year-old man to the ground? Don’t speak Pedro. People don’t forget.


Screenshot 2017-08-27 at 8.12.01 AM
Pedro Martinez tweet on August 24, after the Yankees vs Tigers brawl broke out. Really Pedro?


The AL Wild Card looks to be heating up the Minnesota Twins have officially gained some traction, now a half (.5) game in front of the Los Angeles Angels and Seattle Mariners, the Orioles are slowly creeping up there and Tampa Bay, Toronto are more than likely going to be sitting at home in October. With nearly 50 games left in the season, it’s a full out sprint for these wild card teams, most of these teams will be playing each other come late September when a wild card spot is do or die.

NL Wild Card Arizona and Colorado currently sit in the two wild card spots as the Marlins and Brewers look in at 3.5/4 games behind, the Cardinals are 5 and after that, some teams are 8 games plus back. Really it’s going to come down to if the Marlins or Brewers get hot and out the Rockies or Diamondbacks. I can confidently say the Rockies will make the postseason. In the NL does it matter much the Dodgers are going to win the NLCS, especially if Clayton Kershaw comes back early in the postseason run.



NHL News:

Supposedly the Penguins are open to trade talks for a third line center, yeah probably should have kept Matt Cullen around, letting him slip through the cracks really blows my mind. If the Penguins don’t find a good match and no teams meet their needs some UFA’s out there are Daniel Winnik, Mike Ribeiro, Brooks Laich and the Penguins did invite Jay McClement to a PTO recently.

The Winnipeg Jets signed Matt Hendricks to a 1-year, $700K contract, not much going on there, Hendricks just helps their fourth line, gives some physical presence out there and helps fill the cap space for a cheap rental player.

Toronto Maple Leafs finally come to an agreement with Conor Brown on a three-year, $700K($2.1 mil AAV), the Leafs got away with a steal there. Brown easily could have got $1 mil from some other team, but obviously, he wanted to stay with Auston Matthews and the other young talent in Toronto.

Vancouver Canucks are slowly getting closer to a deal with Bo Horvat reportedly it has said that the Canucks have talked contracts with Horvat that range anywhere from two to eight years, he’ll get a contract similar to Jonathan Drouin, Alex Galchenyuk, and Aleksander Barkov, if I had to guess 4 years $5 mil a year? But for now, we wait.

Will Butcher makes his final decision today probably around 12 P.M. (EST), but what I’ve been hearing is that Butcher is 50/50 on Vegas and New Jersey right now. Look at it this way. Butcher goes to New Jersey he has the chance to play immediately and make an impact. Goes to Vegas he’ll be spoken about a ton, have a chance to lead that team in a few years and become the face of Vegas if he does pan out. If I had to make a guess though, Butcher will land in New Jersey, it’s the best fit for him.

Also, the Devils did land veteran forward Drew Stafford to a one-year deal. Not a bad signing for the Devils due to the fact that Travis Zajac is out for 4-6 months and the need for a scorer was urgent. Stafford did score 30-goals once before and is more than capable of 20-25 goals paired with the right linemates. Good low risk, high reward sign by the Devils. Stafford career stats are 11 seasons, 725 games, 183 goals, 217 assists, 400 points. Mind you Stafford has been riddled with injuries for a few seasons now and has not played a full season since 2011-2012.


NFL News:

We’ve all heard the terrible news, Julian Edelman tore his ACL and is now out for the year, Spencer Ware sprained his knee and his timetable to return right now is unknown. This is definitely a huge blow to the Patriots and Edelman, hopefully, Edelman recovers quickly and can help this team out in the playoffs.

Tyrod Taylor left the Bills game Saturday night after testing positive for a concussion. Can news get worse in Buffalo, Jordan Matthews hurt, Sammy Watkins gone, Anquan Boldin gone, oh wait and now the Bills sent home DE Marcell Dareus Saturday for violating a team rule. If you’re a Buffalo Bills fan, I truly feel for you, at least the Sabres will be pretty decent this season.

Jamaal Charles has officially cracked the Broncos 50-man roster and earned himself a spot as a running back.

To wrap it up with some minor news but still something to talk about, since Jay Cutler left the Fox Sports sports analyst position, someone needed to fill it and Fox has announced that Michael Vick will be the sports analyst for the 2017-18 NFL season now.