For a slow Monday consisting of two games, the NHL comes back with 11 games on Tuesday and a lot of good games. We are now 11 games into the season therefore it is still early which means some back ups will be in net, and there will be upsets for sure. Out of the 11 games on for Tuesday we are going to choose the six best picks.

Islanders(5-4-1) vs Pittsburgh(6-1-2) 

The Islanders are coming off two big wins, a 6-1 win over Philadelphia and 2-1 win over Carolina to stay in the division and play the best. The Penguins, as always a powerhouse of the Metropolitan division and NHL. With an unbelievable array of forward talent and a decent goaltender the Penguins manage to find ways to win games. The Islanders have bounced back and forth between Robin Lehner and Tomas Griess. It seems Lehner will be in net for Tuesday’s matchup, Lehner is 3-2-1 with a 2.39 GAA, .929 save percentage and 1 shutout. As for the Penguins another mediocre start for Matt Murray, since Murray had those Stanley cup run performances he has not been the same. Murray is 4-1 with a 3.37 GAA, .910 save percentage and 1 shutout. On home ice for Pittsburgh, I’d have to say Pittsburgh will take this one. We can expect a 4-3 type of game, the Penguins can score goals and the only way the Islanders have a chance is if they keep up with that Pittsburgh offense.

Redwings(2-7-2) vs Blue Jackets(6-4-0)

The Red Wings have definitely been off to a rocky start this year winning only two games through their 11 games. They picked up a big win vs Dallas Sunday night and now travel to Columbus to take on the Blue Jackets. The Blue Jackets have not been a great team this year so this is not an “easy” pick but it is a safe one. Sergei Bobrovsky is 2-4-0 with a 3.87 GAA and .872 save percentage as we can tell there has been some trouble for Bob this season. The Blue Jackets are 10th in the league for goals against and goals for, therefore they can score but defending has been an issue. The Red Wings only score around 2.2 goals a game while Columbus can easily net 4 a game. I’d probably go Columbus with the spread to be honest.

Devils(5-2-1) vs Lightning(7-2-1) 

The last time these two met was in the playoffs last year when the Lightning knocked out the Devils in six games to advance on. The Devils have been the same team from last year, a gritty, in your face, won’t quit type of team. Even without Corey Schneider the Devils back up and now starter Keith Kinkaid has looked great in net. Kinkaid is 5-2-1 with a 2.12 GAA, .925 save percentage and 2 shutouts. The Lightning’s Andrei Vasilevskiy is 5-1-1 with a 1.83 GAA and .940 save percentage. Seems like it will be a goalie battle for sure. The Lightning’s offense averages around 3.20 goals a game with 32 goals for compared to the Devils 3.50 goals a game and 28 goals on the year. Two good offenses right now that are clicking but with two good goaltenders in net, and a rival brewing between these two, it will be a low scoring game. Devils at the end of the night in overtime.

Wild(6-2-2) vs Oilers(6-3-1)

The Oilers and Wild have similar records and pretty similar teams. The only edge the Wild have is that they have a little more offensive depth. The Oilers though have been playing a lot better than what they started last season like. They are coming off a big overtime win over Chicago and having won 4 of their last 6 games. The Wild are going to be going back to back on the road, therefore this will be a tough one for Minnesota. They are currently on a five-game win streak heading into Monday nights game. With Edmonton’s 29 goals for on the year and averaging 3 goals a game vs Minnesota’s 2.9 goals a game and 29 goals on the year. These two rank up nicely but with the Wild’s back up in most likely and Cam Talbot and a rested Edmonton team I am going Oilers.

Flyers(4-7-0) vs Ducks(5-5-2) 

The Flyers have been struggling greatly recently they have lost their last three games and in those three loses they have scored a combined 2 goals while allowing 13 goals. The Flyers seem to be doing their usual Flyers play, come out extremely slow and make every Philly fan hate them and say they suck then come around All-Star break time they pick it up and go on a win streak. I would not be worried for the Flyers too much right now but if you are to look at this game and choose anyone it would have to be Anaheim on home ice. The Ducks like the Flyers are on a major skid at the moment, losing their last five games the Ducks need a slump buster game and this is the chance to do it for the team. Both struggling teams that need some confidence going, going with the Ducks and the over for this game.

Senators(4-4-2) vs Coyotes(5-5-0)

For some reason on paper this game seems like it is going to be a brutal game to watch but two young teams battling for some identity to their team. This game will be a lot better than most fans think. The Coyotes offense has averages 2.5 goals a game with 25 goals for while allowing 20 goals against and an average of 2 goals against. They do not score a lot but they defend extremely well. The Senators offense averages 3.50 goals for and 3.90 goals against, the opposite of Arizona score but can’t defend well. Two teams with almost identical records and a similar make up to their line up. This will be a 3-2 game at best I would have to say and I am favoring Coyotes here.

Other NHL Games Oct.30th 

Calgary vs Buffalo: Buffalo

Boston vs Carolina: Boston 

Vegas vs Nashville: Nashville 

Dallas vs Montreal: Dallas

Rangers vs Sharks: Sharks


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Top 1:00 PM games, lines, over/under and more!

Browns @ Steelers

The Browns are given 8 points, meaning Pittsburgh has to cover and win by nine. For some reason, I could see the Browns possibly covering the spread losing by 3-6 points. The Browns defense has not been terrible. The glaring stat here is the Browns have allowed 413.6 yards per game, and 25.3 points per game so they definitely struggle but there are times they show some bright spots. The over/under in this game is also 48.5, I think we can expect Pittsburgh to put up 30-36 points meaning Cleveland would need to put up around 16-20 points. Something I think is definitely possible, the Browns score around 21.6 points a game and Pittsburgh averages around 28.5 points. I would say go Pittsburgh money line to stay safe, over to be on the line and the Steelers spread to be risky.

Jets @ Bears

The Bears are coming off two bad losses and have home field advantage. The Jets have not looked consistent this year, they have been a little all over the place this season. Some decent wins and some bad loses but they are always going to be a team that competes. The Bears certainly will not take the Jets lightly as they have lost to Miami and New England the last two weeks. With the NFC North being so tight right now the Bears cannot afford another bad loss, they will definitely win this game I just don’t know about covering a 10 point spread.. I believe Chicago comes out on top. The spread I have is Bears to cover 9.5 points, so a 10 point win is a must for the Bears if you go spread. The over/under is 42.5 which is a little low, makes sense though the Jets average around 26 points and Bears 28.3 points, realistically based off their averages the over is for sure to hit. But I could see Chicago holding the Jets to around 15 points while they only score 21-27 points. The under is always risky to bet but last week seven under’s hit. I’d do Chicago, with the under.

Redskins @ Giants (PICK OF THE WEEK)

A divisional game is always a must. The Giants have been off to another terrible start and anytime you bank on this team to hit an over you are playing with fire. This may be the best game of the week though, the Redskins are to cover -1.5 meaning win by two points and you hit. I’d 100% guarantee the Redskins will win by at least 2 points, this seems like a trap game, a game where they want you to be all over. Redskins offense averages around 21 points while the Giants average 19.6 points, the Redskins defense allows just 20.2 points. We can expect the Giants to score around 14 points then that means the Redskins to score probably 21+ points against the Giants defense that allows 26.4 points. Redskins to cover the spread.

Ravens @ Panthers 

Another small spread, the Ravens are given 2 points to start while the Panthers have to win by three points to hit. The over/under is 44. Looking at both these teams, the Panthers making a push for the NFC South lead coming off a big win last week vs Philadelphia and the Ravens coming off a brutal loss, one that Justin Tucker will never forget this game is going to come down to the wire. The Ravens are tied right now for the AFC North lead the Bengals play a tough Tampa Bay team and Steelers play the Browns, this means this is a big game for Baltimore. Per say they don’t win I would expect the over to hit here and the Panthers to cover the 2 points, if they win it’ll either be by one touchdown or a field goal. Panthers with the spread and over for this game sounds good to me.

4:25PM and Sunday night game picks coming later today, stay tuned. 


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FREE NHL Picks October 25th 2018

FREE NHL Picks: October 25th, 2018

HOLY HELL, we are back! It has been a minute! I can’t wait to win you all some money as well as myself. Going to be an unreal year, if you’re a loser don’t please leave, only winners here. Let’s get into it though, there’s 8 games tonight, going to give you four picks, four good picks, no garbage picks. 

Philadelphia Flyers(4-5-0) vs Boston Bruins (5-2-2)

This one is an easy one to me, we have Boston at home(-160), Philadelphia on the road who have been struggling lately, coming off a home loss vs Colorado and just having some issues scoring goals, the Bruins are for sure the easiest choice. The city of Boston is booming right now, the Bruins will ride that Boston sports wave. The Flyers allow 4.11 goals per game (30th in the league) while scoring 3.33 per game, against a Bruins offense when you allow 4+ goals a game it will be hard to compete. The Bruins allow just 2.67 goals per game(9th in the league). In every aspect of the game the Bruins have an edge on the Flyers. With Tuukka Rask to start vs Brian Elliot (3.59 GAA and .882 save percentage). Riding Boston. Boston is -1.5, -160 and an over/under of 5.5, I’d go with the money line.

Montreal Canadiens(5-1-2) vs Buffalo Sabres(5-4-0) 

May be an unpopular opinion but the Canadiens are clearly hot right now and coming out way better than anyone has expected. They are third in the Atlantic averaging 3.25 goals per game while only allowing 2.63 goals against. Registering 33.8 shots on net with a power play percentage of 20.6(17th) they are hot and playing well. But the Sabres are not a bad team either, while they only score 2.44 goals per game, while allowing 2.78 goals per game, looking at the Sabres numbers thus far they rank up similar to Montreal expect the Canadiens offense seems to be off to a hotter start. But with Antti Niemi in net tonight, and Buffalo at home, I like Buffalo tonight. Buffalo is -1.5 spread, -130 and over/under of 5.5. I believe the over could hit but, 6 goals with these two teams is tough, I’d stick Buffalo money line.

Los Angeles Kings(2-6-1) vs Minnesota Wild(3-1-2)

Another unpopular pick but the Kings certainly have not been playing well they are off to a rocky start and Jonathan Quick has not looked like himself at all this season so far with a 4.55 goals against and .845 save percentage and not a single win. I think tonight is the night Quick gets his first win after taking two terrible losses. The Kings offense plus Quick’s poor start it has been rough but putting all numbers aside the Kings can come into tonight and take a win. Quick will wake up and bounce out of this funk. With Los Angeles +1.5 spread, +145 money line and over/under 5.5, I’d go under if anything and money line for LA.

Washington Capitals(4-2-2) vs Edmonton Oilers(3-3-1) 

The Capitals got a big win in Vancouver Tuesday night and continue their Canadian road trip in Edmonton now, and Edmonton got beat bad vs Pittsburgh Tuesday night. Having a lead and losing it, to having Sidney Crosby single handily dismantle the Oilers defense in overtime to take a win on their home ice. I doubt Edmonton allows that to happen again. Edmonton has looked pretty solid this year, despite having an offense only scoring 2.57 goals per game, but their special teams have looked great, they are 100% capable of handling their own especially on home ice. After taking Pittsburgh to overtime to lose the way they did, I doubt they let two home games slip through their fingers. Going with Edmonton tonight. Oilers is +1.5 spread, +105 money line, and over/under of 6, probably the over and money line for Edmonton tonight is a good choice.


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