NFL:TNF-Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets

Bills & Jets Square Off in an AFC East Battle

After the Chiefs and the Raiders gave NFL fans one of the best games of the year two weeks ago, the Dolphins quickly made them forget about it by getting absolutely shellacked by the Baltimore Ravens the following week. This week, the New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills look to make it a little more interesting. Both the Bills and Jets have been playing surprisingly well. Jets fans around the country were looking forward to the tank and the #1 overall pick this year, but they sit at 3-5 with some impressive games, including an almost-win against the New England Patriots. One could make the argument that the Jets could be a 5-2 football team. The Buffalo Bills are actually 5-2, with both of their losses by 6 points or less. They are the second best team in their division, behind the New England Patriots.


LeSean McCoy has been electric this year, up in conversation with Le’Veon Bell as one of the top running backs in the NFL. Last week, he helped defeat the Raiders, rushing for 151 yards on 27 carries. He has had eight 150+ rushing yard games since 2013, which is more than Jay Ajayi, Le’Veon Bell, and Adrian Peterson.

Ever since Josh McCown signed with the Jets, people have been trying to replace him. During the summer, Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg tried challenAP_17225009326679ging McCown for the job, and failed. McCown, in his 15th pro year, has had the best year of his career. He is second in the NFL in completion percentage at 70.5% and 10th in QBR at 95.3. At 38 years old, McCown looks to end the three game losing streak, and pick up a big divisional win.


The New York Jets will have a chance to turn their season around with a win on their only primetime game of the season, and the Bills will have a chance to pull even with the Patriots, who have a BYE this weekend. I predict the Buffalo Bills to go on the road and pick up a big divisional win. 



NFL: Football is back.

The time where being a slob on Sundays is acceptable to the world. A time of pushing off family, friends, obligations, girlfriends, wives to sit back and watch football is acceptable. Painted faces, hundred dollar jerseys, and tailgates in below freezing temperatures is acceptable. Fabricated thoughts of teams, through all the good and bad times it is all okay because NFL Football is back. And the time to be an “NFL Analyst” is back.

Think about it, we as fans sit back and watch every little move that goes on in games, we shout our frustrations on Twitter and Facebook. We yell at the TV, we get into arguments with colleagues and friends, that we may not even realize we are doing. We associate ourselves as “us” when speaking about our favorite team, we think we can be a general manager, head coach, offensive coach, defensive coach, WR, QB, RB, all at once. After watching the same team for so many years, growing a relationship and connection with players, coaches and fans, may seem odd or ill advised by some, but don’t listen to those people. Because it is impossible not to associate oneself as “we” with the team.

At times we may actually be completely wrong but we shall never admit it, never admit defeat and always stay true and loyal to our word, predictions, and team. To continue this on going fantasy of believing we can be general managers and or coaches, we satisfy our needs by creating fantasy football teams, continuous research, listening, reading and dissecting news to create the perfect team. To be the perfect manager to be the general manager/coach of the year and win the league.  

Once our fantasy team fails mid way through the season, we shall never stop supporting the guys on the field that we have grown to love. If our frustrations are not laminated enough on social media, we revert to blog spaces to critique our teams and fans. We continue to fuel this NFL Analyst fantasy, by thinking we our experts because we write a 500-word article about our favorite team’s mishaps, blunders and what can be done differently.

This time, this short gap where all this comes together and is deemed acceptable and normal by the public(most people), cherish it because, as sports may seem to stray some people apart it simply brings us together as one. The love we all share for our teams, cities, and players, bring us together. It allows people to come together as one and share one common goal, the love for football and to always think we are NFL Analysts.