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Bruins show there has enough fight in them with a win over Toronto

The Bruins ended a five-game skid it was one of the most important games of the season. The Maple Leafs came into TD Garden buzzing and dazzling, but the Bruins silenced them and to everyones surprise, they showed there is enough of pretty much everything inside them.

They scored six goals in that one game, when they combined for total number of seven goals in their previous five games. Boston showed offensive potential, as many struggling guys got off the schneid and there was enough responsiveness too.

Before the game against Toronto, head coach Bruce Cassidy was directly asked, whether he doesnt find his Bruins squad with lack of fight or toughness. The Bruins don’t need an enforcer, responded Cassidy. Later that day, the Bruins perfectly showed why they don’t need one.

The Bruins are just fine with their toughness

It is always great to have guys around your team, who can offer a response anytime. It happened up to three times that last game against the Leafs. In the first period, it was Brandon Carlo, young defenceman, who was ready to answer the bell and fight Nazem Kadri. Then it was Matt Grzelcyk who was ready to offer himself, when Zach Hyman fired a cheap shot against Charlie McAvoy.

And after all, Chris Wagner was ready to show his “skills” to Ron Hainsey, who was not really interested to dance. But it doesn’t matter, the Bruins showed, that there is still a lot of fighting ability within their locker room. It has even been about the guys like Brandon Carlo or Matt Grzelcyk ready to go. Last week on Saturday night, when the Bruins faced the Red Wings, a scrum that involved Red Wings Tyler Bertuzzi and Bruins Brad Marchand causing a line brawl, goaltender Tuukka Rask was even willing to go against Jimmy Howard.

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Bruins – Leafs classic showed what the Bruins really need (and have)

Toronto is a team, which builds up its´ play on great passing and ability to offensively destroy opponents. They want to be creative, not rough. But Zach Hyman fired a dirty cheap shot against Charlie McAvoy and it was some Tom Wilson esq dirty. If we talk about lack of toughness within the Bruins, they don’t need such a level of toughness. Rather keep it clean than be dirty.

Yeah, there is a guy called Brad Marchand, but last time he did something, he licked his opponent. It is disgusting, but it will not concuss you! With talented guys like Donato, Heinen or Forsbacka-Karlsson getting a goal after long time respectively, it shows you how much the Bruins rally on offense and creativity rather than missing roughness.

It is worth zero points, when you do such a thing like Zach Hyman did yesterday, when his team was 2-6 down on the scoreboard. But it is worth so much, when you offer your response and toughness whenever the bell rings. The Bruins did not answer the hit on Bergeron, but they will not repeat the same mistake again. And that´s how you learn to cover your missing fighting ability, not by acquiring anybody like Milan Lucic (how could even anyone come up with this idea??).


William Nylander to make season debut vs Detroit Red Wings

What’s the prediction for William Nylander tonight? A goal? Two assists? Two goals? Well after two months of sitting out and waiting until 4:30 PM to call General Manager Kyle Dubas to work out a deal. Nylander is going to be drawn into the line up tonight vs the Detroit Red Wings. Nylander seems to be slotted with Auston Matthews and Patrick Marleau on the first line as well as the second power play unit.

Final days until William Nylander is ineligible for 2018-19 season. All eyes on GM Kyle Dubas..

Another day, another week and another second William Nylander is not signed. Nylander has reportedly been skating with the Stockholm AIK Under-20 team and was wearing a Leafs helmet. Nylander has been in deep contract negotiations with the Leafs General Manager Kyle Dubas for many weeks now. It was reported Nylander is looking for anywhere from 7.5+ million a year and wants a longer term contract. The Leafs and Nylander’s party have been way off on an agreement. Dubas seems to not be budging on the longer term more money deal right now. 

This contract has raised many questions for NHL fans and players. Is Nylander right in what he is doing. David Pastrnak one of the games best young players in the league is on 5-year worth 6.66 million dollars a year deal. And he came out and said 

“If you (told) me when I was 15, I’d be playing for $6m a year (at) 22, I’d be like, ‘I don’t think you’re saying the truth.’ Just a dream come true. I’m happy for what I’m getting. I could be playing in Czech for a couple hundred a month.”

Should Nylander swallow his pride, suck it up and get back to the game he loves or wait it out until he gets paid. If the deal is not done within the next two days Nylander will be deemed ineligible to play this season.  Patrice Bergeron is making just 6.8 mil a year, same with Johnny Gaudreau, Aleksander Barkov makes 5.9 mil a year, Jonathan Marchessault makes 5 mil a year, Tyler Johnson makes 5 mil a year. There are a lot of players who are making and would be making way less than Nylander’s asking of 7.5+ mil a year and produce the same amount of points.

Is Nylander wrong for asking this much? Let’s see what Twitter thinks.