Oregon Ducks Center Bol Bol

The Best Center in College Basketball: Breaking Down Bol Bol’s Game

Bol Bol is taking college basketball by storm, leading the Oregon Ducks to a 9-4 record.

Bol is a freakish 7’2, 234lb athletic player. His ability to space the floor, and be a consistent scorer is helping Oregon to a winning record. Along with his freakish stature, Bol has a 7’6 wingspan which helps him defend and block shots.

Bol is currently averaging 21 points, 9.6 Rebs and 2.7 blocks on 56% shooting from the field and an unbelievable 52% from 3.

Bol’s strength lies in his ability to score, defend, rebound, and block shots. He can do a lot of damage anywhere on the court. His ability to space the floor will make him a valuable asset for any team come the 2019 NBA Draft.

Bol’s most underrated skill is his IQ, he knows how to be an efficient scorer, as well as a smart defender. These skills will translate well in the NBA.

Bol’s weaknesses stem from his skinny stature. Ultimately, he needs to bulk up and work on being a force down low. Bol has a tendency to get knocked out of place by stronger opponents. Also, he isn’t the best screener and he isn’t keen on setting picks and rolling to the basket much.

Bol has to work on being a force as a big man, he sometimes looks for the jump shot rather than taking his opponent inside. His inability to do this is due to his lack of strength as he doesn’t feel enthusiastic about playing inside. He is very raw in this area, and to be a great center in the NBA, he must develop a consistent inside game.

He also isn’t the best decision maker as he currently averages more turnovers at 2.0 a game than assists at 1 a game. Sometimes when he is given the ball, he would look to dribble and go for a midrange shot rather than looking for a better shot.

The biggest question with Bol’s game is his heart to play. Does he really want it? He doesn’t always hustle and is sometimes the last man up the court in offensive and defensive possessions. Bol doesn’t always box out players and plays at one speed. He isn’t the toughest player at this point in his career, and that will get exposed at the NBA level if he doesn’t show the willingness to do the little things on the court.

Overall Bol’s value will lie on his defensive and offensive abilities. He is a remarkable athlete but needs to get stronger if he wants to play at the next level. Bol is a point guard’s dream, he is the ideal stretch big that NBA teams want.

Bol’s upside is unclear at this point, as it seems this may be the peak of his game. His work ethic and ability to play consistent minutes in the NBA will determine how better he will get.

Bol Bol may find more playing time at the power forward position more than the center position in the NBA, as his ability to stretch the floor will be a huge asset to teams.

Bol is the son of Manute Bol, who is famous for playing for the Washington Bullets in the late 1980s. Manute was 7’7 with an 8’6 wingspan but struggled to find consistent play timing.

Bol has a lot of the skills that Manute had but better. Bol is a better offensive player at this stage then his father was.

Bol has drawn comparisons to New York Knicks forward Kristaps Porzingis. They both are similar in their strengths and weaknesses going into the draft. The biggest question with Porzingis was his strength, toughness, and feel for the game. Bol has similar question marks at this point in his college career.


The NHL has now passed a new rule in which a team will receive a 2-minute minor penalty for incorrect offside reviews. Last season, the NHL received tons of heat about how many offside challenges had affected the game negatively. This new rule will put much more pressure in tight games for some teams. Of the thirty-one NHL teams, only one General Manager, Jim Rutherford (Pittsburgh Penguins), opposed this new rule. Last season, a team would only lose their timeout, now this causes an immediate impact on the ice. This is a rule in which I do not oppose. The only issue I have with challenges in every sport is how long it takes to review a challenge. In my own opinion, the officials should only have at maximum thirty seconds to review a play. If after 30 seconds, and the play is still inconclusive, the call on the ice should stand. This is an unpopular opinion, but now coaches will be forced to be more cautious to commit to their challenge rather than last year when it was a “whatever” type situation. If the new rule implemented would be a 30 second maximum review, and a team will be penalized for a wrong challenge will be a step in the right direction for the NHL.

The one stressful piece of this I did not realize is the pressure put on video coaches. Doug Maclean on Hockey Central brought up this point after a quote from coach Mike Babcock. Babcock stated that there is increased pressure on the video coaches with the new rule. Maaclean brings up the question, “How many coaches will be fired for making the wrong call” and costing their team a penalty, or not making a call where after the game it would be shown that it costed the team a goal. This appears to be a lose-lose situation for the video coaches throughout the season.

duchene offside
Matt Duchene Scores Goal On Controversial Non-Call pre-video review (2/18/2013)

Moving forward there are many more rule changes I believe should be in effect. The number one, for me, would be a continuous power play. That is where if a team receives a two-minute power play, they can score at will until the penalty is over (like a 5-minute major power play). The NHL wants more goals and that is a change I believe will make a positive improvement in the game. Couple this, with my 30-second review maximum which will speed up games, and due to more power play time will result in more goals. That is a win-win situation for the NHL.

Forget kneeling, Steelers not Coming Out For National Anthem

It has come out via Mike Tomlin that the Pittsburgh Steelers are not going onto the field for the National Anthem in Chicago against the Bears this week.

This ultimately shows the lack of respect, selfish, and egotistical nature of these players and coaches. NO it is not a crime to not stand or go out for the National Anthem, although it is a sign of respect for the country that pays the players MILLIONS of dollars each season to go play their game. This destroys the team on many different levels. First, if some players want to salute the flag and pay tribute to the freest, most accepting country in world history then they will be ostracized by their team for the season and might cause turmoil in the locker room leading to little success. Second, at least half the Steelers’ base gets annoyed by not showing up for the National Anthem by other teams. This will now get fans off their team, which will drop team revenue significantly. Imagine all the military veterans who are die hard Steelers fans. How do they feel that their team is doing this to them? People who fought for freedom in this country. Lastly, this will lead to more teams attempting to do this stunt. It is against NFL policy to not be on the sidelines for the Anthem, we will see at 1 o’clock what will happen with this. This whole fiasco is one of many reasons why Collin Kaepernick is not on an NFL team, aside from him not being able to throw a pass in the general direction of a wide receiver, and will kick even more guys out of the league if this continues. This is a mockery to the NFL, a strong rift in the whole country, and most importantly a disgrace for the United States of America.