NHL Stanley Cup Final 2018

Washington looks for series lead on home ice: Vegas looks to bounce back from game two loss

The Capitals headed back to Washington after their game two win with high spirits as the Golden Knights headed to Washington a little less happy, but still remain confident as coach Gerard Gallant said after game two. The Capitals and Golden Knights have done their fair share of road winning and home ice winning. The Golden Knights have won 6 games on the road while the Capitals have won four games on home ice.

The Capitals ended all three of their series on the road, lost two games to Columbus on home ice, two to Tampa Bay and one to Pittsburgh. The Capitals head into game three with a chance to take a much needed series lead and gain some massive momentum. Some keys for both teams here tonight are…

Capitals keys to game three 

(1) Capitals need to score first. The Capitals when trailing from behind or allow the first goal have struggled a bit this playoff run especially on home ice cracking the seal first is huge for the crowd and the players.

(2) Eliminate Vegas’s speed, the Golden Knights play a quick transition game and they really do have a ton of speed on their front end. If the Capitals can reduce and or eliminate the Golden Knights ability to transition and move from defense to forward quickly and just reduce the amount of neutral zone turn overs this game will be a lot easier.

(3) Capitalize on the power play. The Capitals have had the best power play all playoffs and making sure you use that to your advantage is big, every chance the Capitals get they need to do something with it. Burying the Golden Knights on their mistakes is crucial that’s what Vegas does to teams so using Vegas mistakes to hurt them will be huge for the Capitals.

Vegas keys to game three

(1) Vegas needs to play simple and psychical to stir this game. Which means get the puck deep, chip and chase and just do whatever it takes to keep the game simple and reduce the amount of mistakes you make. The Capitals will rely a lot on their power play therefore the Golden Knights need to be aware and stop the Capitals from getting many man advantage chances. Which comes from keeping it simple and not trying to do too much.

(2) Capitalize on the chances you get! The Golden Knights blew a 5 on 3 in game two and they ended up losing in the Stanley Cup final that cannot happen you need to bury a team when they take two bad penalties. Therefore that means do not retaliate and go back and give into the Capitals nonsense. Vegas needs to be smart and pick and chose when to get chippy.

(3) Slow down Kuznetsov and Oshie, Ovechkin obviously too but they know that. Kuzy is definitely not 100% so getting to him early is crucial. Oshie has been a wagon this series so getting him off his game, in anyway is crucial too. Vegas needs to mix and match lines here and slow these two guys down.

Inside look at what Vegas is saying…

The line opened up at -135 Washington and +115 Vegas that was the open though, now it is well the same thing actually not much has changed and it seems Washington is favored a but, not but a lot but a decent amount. The over/under line is 5.5 goals and -119, pretty fair based on how the first two games went. I’d go under though. The other 13 sites out there are saying, Vegas to be around +105 the lowest and +119 the highest and Washington to be -125 the lowest and +139 the highest. I would go Washington here tonight, I think the same thing happens as it did in Vegas. Home team takes game one, away team takes game two. Monitor the lines though I highly doubt they stay like this as the bets are 52 percent Vegas and 48 percent Washington.