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Fantasy Hockey Buy Low, High Reward Players As The Trade Deadline Nears

The NHL trade deadline is nearing in but so is the Fantasy Hockey trade deadline. Which means if you are a contending team looking to make a run at the holy grail of Fantasy Hockey trophies. You need to start thinking about re-vamping your roster a bit for that playoff push.

The Fantasy Hockey regular season has three weeks left until playoffs (for most leagues) therefore the clock is ticking peeps! Here are my top five options for players you can buy at a low price right now that can provide some big dividends to your roster come playoff time.

Buy Low, High Reward Fantasy Players: 

  • Pierre Luc-Dubois: A guy that is not well known around the league just yet therefore if you do not already have him the person who does have him probably does not value his worth so much and could be willing to sell for a relatively low price. Luc-Dubois is already the Blue Jackets #2 center, in-front of the net power play threat and has been a consistent forward all year. He 21 goals and 28 assists on the year. With the talk of Artemi Panarin possibly on the move, Luc-Dubois will be even more valuable if Panarin does leave.
  • David Krejci: The Bruins #2 center, power play option and always the guy to be used when that line one is broken up. Krejci has filled in on the power pay for Pastrnak since he is out and picked up a par of points already. With Pastrnak out for the next 2 weeks it will be useful to have Krejci. On the year he has 14 goals nd 32 assists.
  • Chris Kreider: For the sole reason that 80% of the Rangers goals and points come from the line this guy is on I’d say he is a good buy. Kreider is having one of his best years to date and it seems as if he is not slowing down. On the year he has 24 goals and 19 assists. He is not a big name and even if other teams do know of Kreider they probably do not value him as much as he could be worth. Definitely a solid buy low option.
  • Sam Reinhart: With the Sabres making a push for the playoffs these next couple of weeks for them are going to be important. Reinhart plays a big role in their offense and when he is scoring and producing the Sabres are successful. Due to Jack Eichel, Jeff Skinner, Rasmus Dahlin, Rasmus Ristolainen Reinhart fly’s a little under the radar. A team may be willing to sell this guy for a low price.
  • William Nylander: After Nylander signed his big contract he went in a bit of a slump and some owners may ready to sell this guy or are even fed up with him. But he has been a lot better in his most recent games collecting 7 assists and 2 goals in his last 11 games. He has 8 assists and 3 goals on the year in 28 games. A player you could possibly say “look he has not been good all year, he is just hot right now” to convince the other owner, throw in a second round pick even too. Nylander is just catching fire and could be a great buy for owners.



Toronto Maple Leafs Recent Struggles Credited To Lack Of Scoring From Nylander, Matthews, Kapanen

The Toronto Maple Leafs are in a little rut, every team hits their rough patches in the season and right now it is the Leafs and many others who have hit there’s. The Leafs lack of wins in their last ten games comes from a glaring issue, they are having trouble scoring. Which we would think would be the last case with this team.

The Leafs are 3-7-0 in their last ten and in those games they have scored just 24 goals, a 2.40 goals per game ratio at the moment and that is definitely a shock to many fans as the Leafs are known for their 3.10+ goals per game. In their last ten games scoring 24 goals there have been ten Maple Leafs forwards who have scored, Marner (6), Nylander (1), Tavares (4), Moore (1), Matthews (1), Johnsson(2), Brown (1), Kapanen (1), Kadri (1), Hyman (1).

Just before this 10-game drought the Leafs were 7-2-2 and scored 42 goals for, a 4.20 goals per game ratio! What has been the issue, well as stated above, Mitch Marner and John Tavares are doing a lot of heavy lifting. Auston Matthews has scored no goals in the last two weeks, has one goal in the last month but has shot the puck 38 times in the last month. William Nylander has no goals in the last two weeks with just 1 goal and 2 assists on the season, Kasperi Kapanen has 1 goal in the last two weeks and without his two-goal game vs Detroit he would have one goal in the last month as well. Nazem Kadri has one goal in the last two weeks and one goal in the last month. Connor Brown has one goal in the last month and only four goals on the year, Zach Hyman has one goal in the last month and just eight on the year. Andreas Johnsson has one goal in two weeks and three in the last month. Last but not least as I almost forgot about him Patrick Marleau has one goal in two weeks and two in the last month. Therefore out of 8 forwards that I have mentioned, combining their goal totals in the last two weeks, it is six goals between 8 players, in the last month these eight forwards have combined for 13 goals. That is just 1.65 goals per player in the last month.

This Leafs struggles extend way beyond just Auston Matthews, Kasperi Kapanen and William Nylander the Leafs other top six forwards aside from Marner and Tavares are not getting the job done. Nylander has been in a dry spell all year, Hyman and Brown have not been consistent at all, Johnsson has been on/off this year and Marleau has been in a slump as of late too. On top of the Leafs offensive issues, Frederick Anderson is just coming back from an injury, therefore forcing the Leafs to play with Michael Hutchinson did not make matters better. Since Anderson’s return he has played in three games, winning one of them and losing two. He has allowed 9 goals against on 106 shots against. He’s allowed 3+ goals in two of those starts.

The Leafs struggles will go away, the All-Star Break is coming up and this is a much need time for the Leafs to re-coop, relax and get back to the drawing board. The Leafs just need Auston Matthews to get going, Nylander to get hot for like 20 games going into the playoffs and their other top six forwards to show up and be a little more consistent on a day to day basis. The Leafs have made one move for Wednesday’s game vs Washington. Which is Marner and Matthews paired together to hopefully spark something as Mike Babcock said.



William Nylander to make season debut vs Detroit Red Wings

What’s the prediction for William Nylander tonight? A goal? Two assists? Two goals? Well after two months of sitting out and waiting until 4:30 PM to call General Manager Kyle Dubas to work out a deal. Nylander is going to be drawn into the line up tonight vs the Detroit Red Wings. Nylander seems to be slotted with Auston Matthews and Patrick Marleau on the first line as well as the second power play unit.

William Nylander and Toronto Maple Leafs facing final hour(s) until deadline

We addressed this ludicrous situation about three days ago. I say ludicrous for the fact that it has continued on this long and is nearing the final minutes until the deadline. The Leafs and Nylander have been reported to be close in a deal. If you monitor Twitter like I do, you’ll find Bob McKenzie throwing his expert opinion on the matter. 

You are going to want to read the thread to this post. Holy moly McKenzie’s insight is awesome. Clear reason why he is the best in the game.

Here’s my thoughts

Clear indication, if you read the thread that Nylander and the Leafs are still a little ways from agreeing on something. My thoughts on this situation and how it will shape up and why it happened like this is this. Listen now, William Nylander and his team are not stupid, they know Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner are due for CONTRACTS (emphasis on contracts because they will get PAID).

Both Marner and Matthews are RFA’s come July 2019. Marner is at the end of his rookie contract making $894,000, not to mention Marner has tallied 36 points in 26 games (3rd in the NHL) coming off a 69 point year in 2017-18. Matthews is earning $925,000 a two time 30+ goal scorer in his 2.5 years in the NHL and a high of 69 points his rookie year. Matthews now has 19 points in 12 games this season. Therefore it is obvious Nylander knows he is going to get less if he ended up signing right away, he knows that Matthews and Marner are going to eat up a decent amount of the Leafs cap space and he may not earn what he wants. Nylander also knows he is going to be competing with the other 11 contracts in Toronto. The Leafs have to sign five RFA forwards, two UFA forwards, three UFA defenseman and one RFA defenseman come July 2019.  He wants a longer term deal for more security which is totally fine but the Leafs want more of a bridge deal because although Nylander is a top-six winger on the Leafs the team is doing just fine with out him therefore showing that a bridge deal for 2-3 years may leave Nylander in the same spot come 2022. 

Now, Nylander has every right to squeeze as much as he can out of the Leafs he deserves the money and he deserves to have some security, is he worth 7+ million a year probably not, but he has every right to hold out until they at least give him a respectable deal plus some security to come back. Just as the Leafs have every right to hold out and not budge, but this seems to be more of a misguided Nylander. You do have to think the Leafs are winning without me, they won without Matthews, they have one of the best teams in the NHL, a cup contender, I’ll make 5-5.5 million a year and be in of the greatest cities in the world for hockey and play alongside great line mates for the next 4-5 years. At some point I am thinking that Nylander is being misguided and not doing much talking and speaking up when it comes to this contract situation. 

What I see happens…

I honestly don’t think Nylander signs, he ends up getting moved to a contending team, becomes the “guy” wherever he goes, the Leafs get a defenseman in return and both parties are happy. But my gut also tells me that Nylander says eff it, let’s do this I’ll sign the contract. Which if he does end up doing that all this waiting it out and conflict will make Nylander look kind of stupid and in which he wasted 26 games already. 

Here’s a great guide if you are confused if Nylander does end up not signing.

Final days until William Nylander is ineligible for 2018-19 season. All eyes on GM Kyle Dubas..

Another day, another week and another second William Nylander is not signed. Nylander has reportedly been skating with the Stockholm AIK Under-20 team and was wearing a Leafs helmet. Nylander has been in deep contract negotiations with the Leafs General Manager Kyle Dubas for many weeks now. It was reported Nylander is looking for anywhere from 7.5+ million a year and wants a longer term contract. The Leafs and Nylander’s party have been way off on an agreement. Dubas seems to not be budging on the longer term more money deal right now. 

This contract has raised many questions for NHL fans and players. Is Nylander right in what he is doing. David Pastrnak one of the games best young players in the league is on 5-year worth 6.66 million dollars a year deal. And he came out and said 

“If you (told) me when I was 15, I’d be playing for $6m a year (at) 22, I’d be like, ‘I don’t think you’re saying the truth.’ Just a dream come true. I’m happy for what I’m getting. I could be playing in Czech for a couple hundred a month.”

Should Nylander swallow his pride, suck it up and get back to the game he loves or wait it out until he gets paid. If the deal is not done within the next two days Nylander will be deemed ineligible to play this season.  Patrice Bergeron is making just 6.8 mil a year, same with Johnny Gaudreau, Aleksander Barkov makes 5.9 mil a year, Jonathan Marchessault makes 5 mil a year, Tyler Johnson makes 5 mil a year. There are a lot of players who are making and would be making way less than Nylander’s asking of 7.5+ mil a year and produce the same amount of points.

Is Nylander wrong for asking this much? Let’s see what Twitter thinks. 

NHL NEWS; Toronto Maple Leafs looking to shop RFA William Nylander

This is the LeVeon Bell of hockey scenario, just kidding not as selfish and greedy but Nylander is likely to not sign with the Maple Leafs and it seems the Leafs are actively shopping the young forward.

Nylander and his agent when this all began over the summer and the Leafs were trying to workout a deal with him, were said to ask for something around 8+ million dollars a year. The Leafs certainly were not offering or granting that with players like David Pastrnak, Nikolaj Ehlers on the market for $6 million. The disputes continued all the way on until now and it seems both parties are in agreement that they will not be reaching a deal.

Nyland is a former 2014 first round eight overall pick. He emerged in the NHL in 2015-16 playing the tail end of the Leafs 15-16 season. He made his mark the following year, totaling 61 points in 81 games, as well as 2017-18 season where he again tallied 61 points in 82 games. Nylander has 185 career games played, 135 points (48G, 87A) through his two and a half years in the NHL.

Kyle Dubas and the Leafs management now have to move the RFA (restricted free agent) winger for something before the December 1st deadline comes around (when all RFA have to report). Dubas said he does not want to move Nylander but with December 1st approaching rapidly the general manager has to receive something for the 60+ point potential forward.

Where may Nylander land?

The Minnesota Wild could be a component for Nylander they have prospects and picks and could use a winger to play with Eric Staal and Jason Zucker. The Islanders are always never out of trades like this where it will involve a young prospect and pick, the Flames could be a potential landing spot, the Rangers as well, the Oilers would be idiotic not at least go after Nylander they could use some consistency on their offense at least. The Penguins always seem to sneak their way into trades like this plus who would not want to play for that orgizantion. The Bruins could definitely use a little more depth scoring and second ling winger consistency with the way they are struggling on the offensive side of things right now. There are a few landing spots off the top of my head, there is also a chance Nylander signs back with Toronto but as of now Nylander has to report what teams he would be interested in going to and we’ll know more from there.


Team Preview: Toronto Maple Leafs; Addition of Tavares enough for Toronto to take the next step?

The Leafs for two years in a row punched their ticket tot he playoffs. The Leafs have not made the playoffs in back to back seasons since 2002-2004, before the Leafs drafted Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner and William Nylander, acquired Frederick Anderson they have been known to be the laughing stock of this Atlantic division. Missing the playoffs 10 out of 11 seasons prior to 2016-17 the Leafs did not have much going for them.

Well, with a 4th place Atlantic division finish in 2016-17 and a recent 3rd place finish last season the Leafs are surely on their way up. The Leafs are coming off a 49 win and 105 point season, a lot of their success has been built on their forward depth and Frederick Anderson playing unbelievable minutes. And as we all know with the recent forward signing in John Tavares a lot of Leaf fans and NHL fans believe the Leafs have what it take to make that next step.

In the offseason due to the signing of John Tavares and his 77 million dollar deal the Leafs have parted ways with veteran forward Leo Komarov, Tyler Bozak, James Van Reimsydk and defenseman Roman Polak. While adding Tyler Ennis and Jordan Subban, the Leafs sure did give up a good amount to make sure Tavares could come back home. But with the loss of Komarov, Bozak and JVR are the Leafs going to be able to supplement their absence with the presence of John Tavares?

Leafs front end is locked and loaded for a “different” season…

Toronto Maple Leafs Marner and MatthewsWith a line up consisting of Nylander, Matthews and Patrick Marleau they have a very solid and well known first line. If Marleau and Matthews can stay healthy the Leafs will be in good shape. Signing back Nylander is the problem as of now. Now, with a second line of Tavares, Zach Hyman and Marner the Leafs need these two young guns alongside Tavares to help aid the superstar center and really prove their worth in the NHL. Marner has to stay consistent. Last year he went on a small skid, but still was able to tally 69 points In 82 games, we have to assume that playing with Tavares will help keep the young forward on a solid path. Hyman tallied 40 points last season with 15 goals. With Tavares now in the middle of these two the Leafs have a very good and interchangeable 1, 2 punch. The third line with Nazem Kadri, Connor Brown and Kasperi Kapanen the Leafs again not only have a solid shut down line but a line can be of use on the offensive side. 

The Leafs have a great range of ages in the locker room a good mix of young guys, seasoned veterans and also a superstar with 9 years experience now too. The only problem many wonder about is the Leafs defense.

The big question mark for the Leafs: Is their back end capable of a Stanley Cup push?

Morgan Rielly Maple LeafsOn the back end the Leafs have Morgan Rielly and Ron Hainsey. Sure, Hainsey is 37-years-old but he has played in a consist 80 plus games 4 of the last 5 seasons and a 37-year-old who sees d-pairing one minutes does a fine job at it too. He tallied 23 points last season the most he has had since 2009-10. Reilly as we know has questions about being a number one defenseman but he does a great job on the power play and also logs major minutes on top 52 points. Rielly is coming off his best year and it will for sure not slow down with this new wave of confidence the Leafs have. Throw in Jake Gardiner and Nikita Zaistev, the Leafs line two compares to many other line twos. Zaistev is young sure and has only played two full seasons but in his first year he logged 36 points and last season in 60 games he tallied 13 points. Zaitsev has some concerns but all they need from him is a solid 17 plus minutes a game to shut down opposing players. Gardiner does a great job on the second power play unit and coming off his best year ad 52 point season will just like Reilly show no signs of slowing down. Connor Carrick and Travis Dermott are young and anxious they want to make a name for themselves and I think these two logging 13-14 minutes a game on the third line is nothing they can’t handle. We saw bright spots in both of them last year and the Leafs back end gets extremely undervalued. One reason they can surely supplement a lacking third line d-pairing is because of goaltender Frederick Anderson. Last season Anderson 66 games winning 38 of them with a 2.8 GAA and .918 save percentage. This is Andersons second year logging 66 starts he is more than capable of getting the job done the only concern is his playoff performance as he has shown to dwell in the postseason. If Anderson can take that next step and fix his postseason play the Leafs have what it takes.


I think with Tampa and Boston still a little better and more rounded then the Leafs they won’t edge them out. I could see a 2nd place finish out of Toronto for sure but won’t be surprised to see a 3rd place 102-105 point season again. They will be back in the playoffs and I think this is the year they win their first playoff series in 15 years.